Menopause symptoms and comfort

menopause Oct 15, 2020

How to make yourself at ease during a challenging transition

Menopause is an unavoidable part of a woman’s life and slowly the society is normalizing the talk about it. Open conversation about this major transition can help women deal with both the psychological effects, as well as with the physical symptoms.

One of the most common menopause-related symptoms is the experience of hot flashes and night sweats. According to John Hopkins University, 8 in 10 women get hot flashes which can last from a very short time up to 11 years. As if dealing with all the misinformation and taboos around the subject wasn’t enough, they also have to deal with very uncomfortable feelings in their body and their mind on a daily basis!

One of the most common menopause-related symptoms is the experience of hot flashes and night sweats.

Thanks to the scientific progress, it is now possible to minimize the menopause symptoms. The good news is that there are ways to deal with hot flashes and night sweats both from the inside and the outside of a woman’s body. From herbal reliefs* to new generation gadgets, how do you keep cool when you are not feeling so cool?

1. Watch what you eat and drink. Caffeine, alcohol and spicy food are known for heating the body up from the inside. Cut out nicotine completely — cigarettes trigger hot flashes due to their impact on the nervous system.

2. Introduce daily exercise into your routine. Physical activity helps regulate a lot of processes within our body.

3. Stay hydrated. The more water you drink, the less you will be bothered by hot flashes and night sweats. An extra few glasses during the day will help you make up for all the sweat and avoid dehydration.

4. Wear light and breathable clothing. Cotton, linen, any natural texture that can absorb moisture from the body will help you lessen the heat.

It is also recommended that instead of one thick layer, you wear several light layers of clothing in order to progressively remove them when you feel a hot flash coming.

While loose clothing is a good measure, it is also a short one, unfortunately. Sometimes you might just not have enough clothing available or not want to wear several layers. Completely understandable in hot weather!

Besides, not only excessive heat but even a slight change in the temperature can trigger your hot flashes. Several layers of clothing and a cold shower are also options that are hardly applicable while you are sleeping.

The above-mentioned suggestions indeed require a lot of control, certain conditions and limitations. Our jobs, lifestyle and obligations can make it harder to follow a strict protocol of rules on a daily basis.

How do we make the hot flashes and night sweats easier on women without too much effort, letting them enjoy their lives at the same time?

While the research for long-term remedies goes on, the one advice is certain: keeping the room cold both in the daytime and during the night helps in the long run. Long gone are the days where you had to place some ice on the back of your neck and go from hot to freezing in a heartbeat. What is the permanent solution?

5. Increase your comfort with an evaporative air cooler.

Evaporative air coolers are next-generation devices helping reduce hot flashes and night sweats.

As the name suggests, they use evaporation, the most natural way of cooling.  Quiet, non-invasive and gentle, air coolers perfectly fit within any decor. Forget about noisy fans blowing hot air around and dry skin after sitting next to the bulky air conditioners. How do you pick the right air cooler for your needs?

Evapolar devices are a perfect solution for any home! When you are dealing with menopause symptoms, they help you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, they gently lower the temperature around you. Then, they also work as air humidifiers — dehydrated skin is one thing less to worry about.

Small, yet powerful and potent, evaporative air coolers by Evapolar will create a smooth feeling of chill around you, like a fresh breeze on a hot summer day.

The best part about Evapolar air coolers is that they help minimize both hot flashes and night sweats, as they can be working to keep your surrounding chilled 24/7. Don’t worry about the electricity bills, just take your time feeling cool! Their energy consumption is so minimal, you won’t even notice it at the end of the month.

At night, they create an ideal atmosphere for healthy, profound sleep — another suggestion to overcome the menopause symptoms. Doctors recommend women to sleep under several layers of sheets and take them off gradually at night to reduce feeling hot while sleeping. This solution may be working temperature wise but there is not much depth in this sleep.

Evapolar air coolers will create the right temperature with the proper humidity level regardless of how many sheets you have. That will also save some time and energy on doing all that laundry regularly!

You can choose between different types of Evapolar air coolers, depending on your needs and lifestyle.

Why are we so sure evaporative air coolers are an effective solution for dealing with menopause symptoms?

·   Evapolar devices decrease the temperature smoothly and gently, making your body accustomed to the change.

·   Evaporative air coolers only use water, which makes the humidification process as natural as evaporation. This is a remedy for your mucous membranes, eyes and skin. Especially when your body is already losing a lot of fluids!

·   Zero side effects. Evapolar air coolers are very safe to use. They don’t simply recycle the air and while they humidify the air, they don’t contribute to the spread of mold and bacteria. If the room is clean on its own, you can see that after a month of usage the Evapolar membrane is clean as well.  

Having less to worry about during a very delicate time such as menopause is a huge relief which Evapolar devices can guarantee. An evaporative air cooler creates an atmosphere where you can function normally and get a feeling of relief as soon as you feel a hot flash coming up. A small investment into health and well-being can turn out into a big change for a lot of women.

*Do not take any medicine or complementary therapy without consulting your doctor first.