evaLIGHT plus

Air conditioner with full spectrum LED backlight, removable water tank & control wheel.
1 year manufacturer warranty.
Over 100,000 customers trust us.
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Introducing evaLIGHT plus

Meet award winning personal portable air conditioner, purifier & humidifier

Removable tank

evaLIGHT plus is convenient for refilling. Its tank lasts up to 9 hours, but even when the water runs out, the breeze will still get at you.

Rainbow-like lighting

evaLIGHT plus has an amazing full spectrum LED lights. It can be adapted to any interior, it makes the mood with a delightful soft light, pleasing to the eye and relaxing.

Precise adjustments using the control wheel

Thanks to the unique wheel control it is possible to set up all the finest adjustments of evaLIGHT plus and enjoy the device wherever you are.

Technology first

Introducing evaBreeze® – innovative patented material

EvaBreeze® material has proven its efficiency in our personal air-cooling devices. Product's effect is achieved due to a nanostructure that enables outstanding absorbing capacity, combining both hydrophilic and hydrophobic effects. This allows the material to efficiently absorb water and easily take it into the air.

Extra efficient

Can absorb 700% of its own weight

Capillary effect

Raises the water up to a height of 30 cm.

Eco friendly

Fully biodegradable material.

100% safe

Bio-stable. Prevents bacteria growth.
How it works

Evapolar functionality is based on a natural evaporative cooling technology

After you fill the removable water tank and connect your Evapolar air conditioner to a power supply, the cartridge will absorb large amounts of water.
The water spreads evenly through the cooling pads. As the air blows through the pads, the water evaporates, which causes both the lowering of the air temperature with saturating it with water.
Evapolar air conditioner will reach its full cooling power within 5-10 minutes. There is no heat exhausted as a result of the evaporation process.
Setting up

Using evaLIGHT plus is so easy and intuitive, you will enjoy it every day

Add water

Fill up tank with water.

Add power

Connect USB cable to a power outlet or power bank.


Get the full cooling effect in 10 minutes.

Cool down your personal space quickly

A traditional air conditioner shocks your body, while it cools you down. Evapolar simulates natural breeze that gently cools your body and significantly reduces the risk of catching cold.

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Cool down

Evapolar uses natural evaporative cooling effect to drop air temperature up to 15 °C / 59 °F.


Evapolar humidifies the air creating a comfortable environment. It can be also used as a humidifier in winter.

Breathe free

Evapolar filters out dust particles to increase the air quality for better breathing and doesn’t create suitable conditions for bacterial growth.

Sleep well. Be healthy.

Increase the quality of your sleep and make the most of your day.

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Work. Be productive.

Create a comfortable personal space at work for better concentration and efficiency.

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90% of customers noted improvement in the quality of their sleep
32% of customers observed a decrease in the duration of various illnesses
26% interviewed owners of Evapolar said they felt revived and full of energy during the day
Evapolar family

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The most lightweight & energy efficient air conditioner with a handle and one button control.
Available in two colors:
1 year manufacturer warranty.
Over 100,000 customers trust us.


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1 year manufacturer warranty.
Over 100,000 customers trust us.

Got a question?

Read the answers to frequently asked questions or ask your own question.

How does Evapolar work?

Evapolar is a portable personal device that not only cools but also humidifies and purifies the air around you. The operating principle is very simple: just fill the water tank and plug Evapolar in. Within 2-3 minutes the Evapolar cartridge will absorb a huge amount of water. The water then spread evenly over the surface of the cooling pads. When the air circulates through the pads, the water evaporates, which makes the air cool down while becoming saturated with water. The built-in fan helps the cool air spread across an area of 45 sq ft (3-4 sq m) around you. The power control enables you to adjust the cooling effect, creating the most comfortable thermal conditions for you.

What is the difference between Evapolar and other cooling devices?

Evapolar surpasses other cooling devices in many aspects. First of all, Evapolar is a personal device. It can help you create your own most comfortable microclimate without invading the personal space of the people around you. Secondly, we call Evapolar an “air conditioner” rather than an “air cooler” due to its efficiency compared with “traditional” conditioners. Evapolar remains within the price range of budget-friendly tabletop devices, does not require any installation costs, and is ready to use right out of the box.

Thirdly, Evapolar cools the air by evaporating water, which also makes the device an efficient humidifier. You won’t have to buy a separate conditioner, humidifier or purifier. Our technology combines all the three functions into one device. This is how Evapolar creates a so-called “personal microclimate.” And last but not least, Evapolar uses 100 times less energy than standard split systems – only 10W – which will clearly have a positive effect on your electricity bill

Does Evapolar work without a power supply?

To use Evapolar, it must be plugged into a power supply. But it doesn’t have to be a power socket. You can plug Evapolar into a power bank, the USB port of your car or laptop, or a solar battery. The only condition is that the power supply must have an output of 5V and 2A.

How much does Evapolar reduce the temperature and what size area can it cool down?

The maximum drop in temperature is 59°F (15°C). It is worth mentioning that the change in temperature depends on external conditions and the device’s power. In high-humidity regions, the difference may be as much as 41°F (5°C) degrees, in dry and hot ones it may get up to 59°F (15°C). We have tested the device all over the world and have come to the conclusion that each individual’s perception of a comfortable drop in temperature really varies. Your own body will always be your best indicator, since its needs vary dramatically depending on your native climate and the current season.

Classic air conditioners do not take this factor into account. Singapore may be a vivid example: you can achieve the necessary comfort there with a temperature loss of 41°F (5°C), and while a 50°F (10°C) degree drop is already unpleasant for your skin.

Evapolar’s cooling zone is 45 sq ft (3-4 sq m). Evapolar is a personal device developed specifically for small areas. It will help you create the most comfortable conditions at your workplace or recreational space.

Does Evapolar require extra installation or maintenance? What should I do if it malfunctions?

Evapolar is very easy to use and ready to work right out of the box. All you need to do is fill the water tank and plug in the device. The water tank needs to be refilled every 6-8 hours as the water evaporates. You can find more details on using Evapolar in the included manual. All in all, it is only important to keep the device from turning over and wipe the operating chamber once a month.

In case of a malfunction, you need to contact our support service at [email protected], or your local distributor (if you didn’t purchase your device on our website).

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