Warning: this is not another article with “best home office gadgets” encouraging you to buy random devices without practical use. We want to improve your work conditions and boost your productivity and recovery, so we have prepared a list of must-have home office gadgets. These gadgets have actual scientific proof regarding their impact on your work, efficiency, and well-being.

Without further ado, here are your future desk buddies that will change your working conditions, whether you are working from home or if you are looking for an improvement for your desk office.



The most effective cooling device

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Best Home Office Gadgets to Consider

1. Evapolar evaCHILL Air Cooler

The first one on the list of cool gadgets to work from home is a portable evaporative air cooler ­— the most efficient way to add a cool touch to your workspace at home. The Evapolar evaCHILL will become a lifesaver during hot days, whether you are working from the comfort of your couch, desktop, or a dedicated office room.

Explicitly designed to cool your personal space, the evaCHILL will help you beat the heat and stay cool at work, wherever you are. It is the best summer investment with zero installation fees and extremely low electricity consumption. You can plug it into any electricity source — laptop, socket, power bank, etc. Then, you can regulate the airflow the way you want. Then, add water and enjoy the flow of fresh air and ideas!

Why would you want an evaporative air cooler on your home office gadgets list? Heat has the worst effect on productivity. Lowering the temperature by a few degrees makes you more focused.


  • Portability and lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Efficient, targeted cooling
  • Quiet — the noise won’t interfere with the working process


  • Less efficient in high humidity. You can run it together with a dehumidifier if the humidity around you exceeds

Check out all the Evapolar devices on the official website. They also offer stylish accessories to pair up with your cooling device.

2. Standing desk

Even though nature has not intended for humans to sit all day, most of us spend hours and hours at our desks. Unfortunately, sitting down for more than 8 hours a day increases the risk of chronic diseases by 10% to 20%.

One of the best ways to prevent a sedentary lifestyle is to add a standing desk to your office setup. The FLEXISPOT desk comes in different sizes and has a built-in fan to prevent you or your laptop from overheating. In addition, the surface is solid and made from non-scratch material.

Standing desks are excellent for improving your blood flow and staying active and alert when you are working.


  • Large working surface
  • Reasonable price
  • 125kg load weight
  • Easy assembly


  • The desk comes without drawers, even as an option

3. Wrist Rest

A full day on your laptop or your keyboard can result in blocked blood flow in your hands and tissue damage, as a result. In addition, the fact that your hands are always at a slight angle when you are working on the keyboard is unnatural from the alignment the way nature intended it.

Wrist rests ensure that you do not put too much strain on your wrists when you work for hours. Wrist rests might even help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome in some cases.

One of the best wrist rests out there is the HyperX Wrist rest. It adjusts to the shape of your wrists and comes with a built-in cooling pad, which provides an extra therapeutic effect on your hard-working wrists.


  • Minimal design
  • Reasonable price
  • Stay cool gel memory foam


  • Some reviews say that the covering on the outside can be a bit loose

4. Ergonomic chair

The list of best gadgets for the home office wouldn’t be complete without an ergonomic chair. While sometimes the chairs are costly and can appear like quite an investment, they can save you a lot of money on chiropractor visits in the long run! The New York magazine places the Humanscale Freedom Office Chair on its ‘top ergonomic chairs’ list, and it’s for a good reason — even the president of the American Chiropractic Association’s Council on Occupational Health likes the chairs from Humanscale!

It offers maximum adjustability with minimum levers. Just think: you can change the chair’s angle simply by leaning back and not looking for a separate lever under your seat.

You can check out all the Humanscale products here. If you have specific needs for your back, you may ask your doctor for advice on the best ergonomic chair.


  • Design
  • Self-adjusting technique


  • Price. But then again, think about all the comfort you get and the back pain you get to avoid!

5. Smart water bottle

Now that we have covered the ergonomic devices for your body, we can see how we can improve other health aspects with some smart, cool gadgets for home — and we will start with hydration.

The Liz bottle by Noerden reminds you to drink water every two hours, and it’s easy to track your progress with it. On top of that, LIZ destroys 99.9% of harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria with the built-in UV-C light. One UV sterilization daily will keep you healthy and your water clean.


  • Keeps your beverage cold for up to 24 hours
  • Temperature sensor


  • While 69$ can be expensive for a bottle, you will see that it will pay off in terms of health benefits when fully hydrated!

If you are also looking to set up an ideal work-on-the-road situation, you may want to check out this article on remote work.

6. Timer or OrgaNice Hourglass

Whether you are an avid follower of the Pomodoro technique, like to work in sprints, or just to fix time slots without distractions – it’s way more fun with a cool timer or a stylish hourglass.

Best work from home gadgets lists rarely include timers, which is strange because working with a timer has been proven to enhance productivity by helping stay focused. Setting a timer also helps with blocking out distractions. So you will see — once the OrgaNice hourglass is working and your phone is away, focusing will be easier!


  • Fun design
  • Excellent gift idea


  • It can be fragile, and breakage will result in many dangerous pieces all over your workspace

7. Charging station

Are you tired of all the wires you need to reorganize to charge the gadgets in your working space? So are we! This is why we included the Hercules Tuff Charging Station. This charging dock will not only charge your devices simultaneously, but it will also do so fast — the 6-port fast charging dock will charge your devices up to 58% more quickly.


  • 6 USB-A outlets
  • High-speed charging
  • Optimized ergonomic design


  • This particular model comes with the USB-A outlets, so if you need a USB-C adapter (like the recent iPhone or Mac cables), you might either need an adapter or a different charging dock model

If you are looking for more advice on organizing your workspace at home, check out all this helpful advice.

8. Noise-canceling headphones

Did you know that you almost lose focus when the noise reaches 80 decibels? With all the distractions and noises flooding our space, it’s no surprise that we feel like we are losing our capacity to focus and be productive.

This is where noise-canceling headphones can come in handy. Of course, there are different models for all budgets and ears. However, the headphones by Sony are considered a gold standard in the world of noise-canceling devices.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones take you even deeper into silence with further improvements to their advanced noise cancellation and smart listening that adjusts to your situation. Focus all the way!


  • Improved noise-cancellation
  • DSEE Extreme audio upscaling
  • Multipoint pairing
  • Auto-play/pause and conversation awareness


  • Singing along with the songs can pause the music because it might identify the singing as conversation
  • Price
  • Not waterproof

9. Screen, surface, and keyboard cleaner

Doesn’t it feel like your computer is just faster when it’s all clean and shiny? Also, has it ever happened to you to look at your screen at a different angle and see all the dust and fingerprints on it?

Cleaning devices are a MUST for any office, whether it’s home, coworking, or a regular office desk. You can also use them to clean headphones, phone screens, and other surfaces that need an extra touch.

Here are our favorites:

  • Keyboard and car gel cleaner. This sticky gel cleaner will get to the places you won’t reach with a regular brush. Get it on Amazon.
  • Electronic screen cleaner wipes. Alcohol-free wipes, which you can use for any surface or screen. Get the wipes on Amazon.
  • Screen and electronics spray cleaner. If one-use wipes aren’t your thing, you can get this spray with a reusable cloth. Get the spray on Amazon.

10.  Mini desk hoover

Henry the Hoover measures just 10 by 6.5 cm, and it will pick up all that you may have accidentally left on your table while having lunch there. It is powered by 2 AA batteries, and you can use it wherever you are to ensure your keyboard is always dust-free.

No crumbs left behind!


  • Portability
  • Adorable design
  • Portability and lightweight


  • You need to buy the batteries
  • Some reviews complain about the suction power

You can get Henry the Hoover on Amazon.

11. Whiteboard

Keep a steady workflow by keeping your to-do list in front of you. Also, add an interactive touch to the list using an old-school whiteboard. This VIZ-PRO whiteboard comes with a smooth and durable magnetic writing surface, easily dry wipe with all dry-erase markers. So now you can have fun with your to-do list!


  • Easy installation with fixing kits
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Includes fixing kits and a pen tray


  • Not suitable for tiny office spaces, but you can always choose a smaller model.

Here is a detailed article on how ‘whiteboarding’ can make you more productive and get your ideas in order.

12. Desktop organizer

A list of cool gadgets to work from home wouldn’t be complete without a stylish desktop organizer. The Jerry and Maggie desktop organizer comprises two main parts — the position and the distance between the parts can be adjusted and rotated to best fit your needs. It’s a great decoration for your desk, and you can get rid of those stray pens in a few minutes!


  • Made from natural wood
  • Lightweight
  • Five organizing units
  • Sturdy construct


  • This exact model might be on the ‘girly’ side in design.

A must-have item for any office

Evapolar evaCHILL cooler makes it to the top home office tech gadgets lists because it is a powerful device with many functions. Here are all the benefits this air cooler can bring to your office:

  • evaCHILL humidifies the air. Your eyes will thank you after the whole day of looking at the screen!
  • The thermostat wars are over. If some people like it warmer in the office or your place, just direct the airflow at you and enjoy.
  • evaCHILL purifies the air as well.
  • Ultra-portable. You can take it on trips, use it at home and then take it to work — the choices are endless!

You can see even more benefits of the evaCHILL here.

We hope you will have the most productive time at work with this list of best gadgets for the home office. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and take regular breaks!

FAQ (People also ask):

1. Does cool air help my productivity when I’m working?

Yes, studies have shown that decreasing the temperature helps to improve the focus.

2. So what are the must-have gadgets for my home office?

Different gadgets serve different purposes. We would recommend:

-   Something to clean, like a multi-purpose surface cleaner

-   Something to organize, like a desktop organizer

-   Something to optimize the charging, like a charging dock or a cable organizer

-   Something to stay cool and hydrated, like an air cooler and a water bottle

3. Do I need all these work from home gadgets?

You can only decide for yourself, based on your needs and the problems you need to solve. If you are having difficulty focusing on the heat outside, invest in an air cooler. If the noise is the issue, the earplugs or headphones will do the job, etc.

4. Do home office gadgets really help?

Yes, if you use them based on your needs! Some gadgets are unnecessary to some people. For example, a self-heating mug is an excellent device for those who like to sip on their warm drink during the day, but it’s entirely useless for those who get their caffeine kick from a small shot of espresso. Choose your smart devices the smart way!