Some like it hot, some like it not. While a couple can figure out who does the dishes and walks the dog, when it comes to physiological differences, a compromise can be harder to achieve. If you ever had to argue with your significant other about the thermostat settings, these gadgets can come in handy. We have selected 8 best gadgets for couples with different body temperatures — to keep your hearts warm all year long.



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1. Heated Mattress Cover

Fifty percent of couples prefer different temperatures when sleeping. Instead of hoarding the blanket from your cold-loving partner, go for a heated mattress cover. You can adjust the temperature on one side of the bed and keep the other side cool. The New York Times assembled a great selection of heated mattress covers — a miracle solution for those who like it when the bed is burning.

Best Gadgets for Couples

2. Heated Blanket

You are in ‘cold weather, hot chocolate’ mood and your partner is wearing a t-shirt as if you are in the middle of a heatwave. A discussion about adjusting the thermostat might interfere with your plans. You might as well let your sweetheart enjoy the freezing temperature while you cozy up under a heated blanket. Win-win!

3. Portable Air Cooler

With most of us working from home these days, comfort is crucial for great performance. Losing focus, being irritated and restless are a few symptoms of being out of sync with the temperature around you. What if your partner has a different idea of perfect working conditions, one of them being the weather?

While you can tune down the noise with earplugs, you can’t block out the temperature. Evapolar air coolers will chill the temperature in your immediate space, without interfering with your beloved’s surrounding. Honestly, we think that this portable air cooler should be on the list of the wedding registries this year!
Plug it in and let the work begin! See other best air conditioner for your desk.

4. Bryte Bed

Taking sleeping to the next level — Bryte Bed. From temperature to firmness, every element adjusts to each sleeper without disturbing their partner. This multifunctional bed costs from 6000$ and above, plus it comes with a Sleep Concierge Service, so you might as well guess it definitely gets the job done. Big investment that will have a huge positive long-term effect on your future and your relationship.

5. Hot and Cold Duvet

Less expensive than the above-mentioned bed, the Silentnight Yours and Mine Duvet leaves hogging and tossing the blankets in the past. It comes with a colder side and a warmer side. You can still feel the presence of your loved one under the blanket without freezing or sweating. Whoever came up with it, deserves a raise!


6. Personal Space Heater

Just like the evaporative air cooler in terms of covered space, the personal air heater warms up the temperature around you without heating up the whole room. The Lasco MyHeat boosts a whooping 10 000 reviews on Amazon. For a good reason! Designed to warm you, not the whole place, it is very energy-saving, both for your bill and for your sanity.

7. Chill Sleep System

The Chill Sleep System by Chilisleep doesn’t simply take into account the temperature preferences, it actually adjusts to the circadian rhythms and the body temperature of each partner. Designed in the UK, this magical system uses water to adjust the temperature during sleep. It has been proven that we sleep better when it’s cold. It is just that ‘cold’ may mean different things to different people. Trust the Chill Sleep System to help you sleep when it’s colder and darker and wake up when it’s warmer and brighter.

8. Bed Fan

Sleep colder without disturbing your partner! If the temperature in the bedroom is giving you night sweats, the Bed Fan is here to help you. Simply install it next to your bed and don’t worry about disturbing the sleep of your beloved. The breeze that is created by the Bed Fan travels the path of least resistance. You place it at the foot of the bed on your side and the breeze travels along the sides of your body. It cannot move to the other side of the bed! Choose another best bed fan from a list.

Many couples find fixes that work for each of the partners. Thankfully, in many life spheres technology has allowed us to put our differences behind and simply enjoy the time with each other. There is a saying that goes: “Cold hands, warm heart”. We wish you to have a warm heart all the time and perfect temperature hands!

*Last but not least … If your body temperature causes you real discomfort: you are always cold or you are experiencing night sweats and hot flashes, we recommend that you consult a doctor. It can be just your physiology and a device will make you comfortable. However, if it is a condition that might involve treatment, talk to a specialist about it before introducing any changes into your space.