Let us talk dreams. Winter holidays are coming! Isn’t it finally a chance to breathe in, breathe out and dream about what the upcoming year may bring? While 2022 has shown us reality might sometimes interfere with our plans, nobody can stop us from dreaming.



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After an unforgettable year, it is understandable that we can be unsure of where our next holiday will take us. Whether it’s a long-awaited vacation in Paris, a road trip with your best friends or a spiritual retreat in India, we all have our dreams when it comes to discovering the world. One thing we have in common regarding travel is the desire to make it as comfortable as possible in any circumstances.

Is it possible that you have already achieved your dream of traveling and working remotely at the same time? Is it something that is on your to-do list for the upcoming year?

The world is moving in the direction where nobody needs to sit at the office 24/7. We can work anywhere now, as long as we provide the result, not as long as we check-in and -out on time. This nomad lifestyle comes with its benefits and restrictions.

While you are seeing the world and exploring new cultures, there are some remote work guidelines and minimalist travel essentials one will absolutely need. Many articles will tell you how to optimize your luggage, pick the perfect backpack, and get an adaptor for your laptop charger.

We'd like to focus on how to travel comfortably, what you need to work comfortably remotely, and what to put in a minimalist travel bag. Let us make sure no jetlag or climate change interferes with your plans!

Time zone changes may hit us harder than we think. To travel in comfort, some sleep it off and adjust later, some travelers never adjust. You want to be functional and awake for all the new experiences. If you are working on the road as well, you need your brain’s full potential. Those who have already experienced jetlag, know there is nothing full-speed in a brain that is a few hours behind its sleep. Consult a professional and ask him what will suit you best to adjust to a new time zone. Whether it is natural herbs, breathing exercises, melatonin, noise-canceling headphones, a sleeping mask, or a willpower exercise, make sure you have what you need before you head off. It will depend on the duration of a flight and on the time difference itself. Anything above three hours tends to be very uncomfortable. Even though it isn’t visible at first sight, the slightest lack of sleep has an irreversible effect on our brains. Therefore, to make the trip comfortable, to take care of your brain’s rest on the road and your brain will take care of you. Read more: How to adjust to the change of seasons

If you are on any type of medication that needs to be taken regularly, you will need two things:

1. Insurance. This is obvious and goes without saying. Whether you need to refill a prescription or visit a doctor for any other reason, insurance is a must. Check with your credit card company, very often they have very flexible offers for travelers.

2. This may sound a bit nerdy and boring but … get the names of the main active pharmaceutical ingredient in your medication. If ever you run out of prescription medicine, you must remember that the names can vary all over the world. For example, Xanax is Alprazolam in France, and Phenazepam in Eastern Europe. Having the name of the main ingredient will help the doctor prescribe you just what you need or find the right equivalent.


Another phenomenon that can be hard on our bodies is acclimatization. Acclimatization definitely becomes a problem of comfortable travel. Its symptoms are very often confused with a cold and they usually appear within two to three days of arriving to a new place. Acclimatization can appear as a result of the slightest change in climate and it is a huge stress for your body, even if its symptoms go away within a few days.

The thing is, our bodies are made to adjust to exterior conditions in the long-term run. Due to the survival instinct, they function according to the outside conditions. Like this, they adapt to the environment around them in the most optimal way possible, to minimize stress and body resources. Even the slightest temperature or humidity change creates a rush of stress hormones inside the body. Your body and your brain love stability and consistency!

To guarantee this consistency when you are comfortable traveling, you will need two things. We have already covered the sleep part — the more routine your sleep schedule is, the better you function. Another one is literally creating the perfect environment around you.

Changes in climate, temperature, pressure, and humidity are all part of acclimatization. With the stress that they cause, your body’s immunity weakens. It puts up all the defense mechanisms to keep working like it is used to. What you need to do it to remove all the obstacles and diminish stress as a result.

A mini portable air cooler will get the job done wherever you are. Firstly, it will create a perfect low temperature in your room. Sound healthy sleep is possible only when the room is chilled — this is when you recover the best. Your well-rested brain will thank you when you are working remotely!

Hitting deadlines when on the road may seem difficult in terms of organization. The great news is that your brain functions better in colder temperatures, so you will thank your little portable cooler friend when you notice a difference in your focus and productivity.

Secondly, it will help your whole body adjust to climate change. No immunity lows, no stress — create the ideal atmosphere around you. Read more: How to Make Your Living Space More Pet-Friendly

The Evapolar air coolers are small, light, and very powerful. They will fit perfectly into your carry-on or your luggage. If you are traveling around warm countries, this minimalist wonder gadget is simply a must. Forget about air conditioners! Not only are they noisy but it has been proven that the air coming from them can cause dryness in your mucous and contribute to your cold and acclimatization symptoms. The drop in temperature they cause is so hardcore, a lot of summer colds are actually caused by them. Also, you can be sure most of the hotels didn’t invest in the most expensive and eco-friendly version.

No bulky and noisy fans either! Evapolar air coolers don’t make any noise, so if ever you are to recover from that jet lag, it will be doing its job quietly next to you. You can charge it from your laptop or any socket. Enjoy your travels and adapt to climate change without any stress on your body.

Depending on where you are going, you may want to add some vitamins to your daily routine as well. Cold Scandinavia may leave you lacking Vitamin D, and if you are preparing for a warmer country, you might need to start taking Vitamin E* to prepare your body. Plan out your journey and talk to a specialist about what you will need according to the climate peculiarities of the country on your list.

Preparation is the key to success, and so is a perfect environment. The more you are prepared and the more obstacles to a better functioning you will remove, the better you will feel working anywhere. We are really keen on optimizing our surroundings and being as productive as we can be. In the upcoming articles, we will also cover how the right routine and lower temperatures help your brain and your body function better on all the levels — stay tuned, stay cool!


*don’t take any medication without consulting a specialist first.