Remote work has become a reality for most of us, and it is here to stay. We have found out we can be super-efficient in our homes; we save time commuting, and our pets love our new working habits. Yet, organizing our workspace in the comfort of our home can sometimes be challenging — especially when the temperature outside goes up.

Scientists have proved that our brains work better when it’s cold around. We lose concentration when our focus goes to cooling down the body. Which brings us to the logical question: how to keep cool at work in hot weather? Comfort, productivity, fresh ideas — we have a lot to gain by losing a few degrees around us. We did the research, and we came up with the best ways to stay cool at work — let’s dive in!

How to keep cool while working in the heat?


Best portable cooling devices

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7 Ways to Keep Cool While Working in the Heat

1. Invest in a portable air cooler

The best portable evaporative air cooler is the easiest, most efficient way to add a cool touch to your workspace at home. Evapolar offers the best cooling devices designed for your personal space, whether you are working from the comfort of your couch, your desktop, or a dedicated office room.

Beat the heat and stay cool at work, wherever you are, with these stylish air coolers. It is the best summer investment — you have zero installation fees, extremely low electricity consumption, and you can regulate the airflow the way you want. So add water, plug it in and just watch how the fresh ideas will keep coming to you with the airflow from your Evapolar.

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2. Stay hydrated

You’ve heard it all before, but it is so important that we simply have to remind you — one of the keys to staying cool when working from home is to consume enough water. We lose a lot of fluids through sweat when it is hot outside, and since our bodies are more than 60% water, we must take care of the water balance, especially with the heat.

Lifehack: Spice up your plain water with a bit of lemon or mint. It will add a fresh touch and is more fun to drink! Now you know a little better how to stay cool while working in the heat.

3. Play around with your schedule

Another beautiful advantage of working from home is that you are the master of your schedule most of the time, aside from those obligatory Zoom calls. To avoid suffering through work during extreme temperatures, you can choose a different activity when the sun is at its highest. Then, get back to your laptop when the air is fresher. You will feel more rested and productive. This is another good way to stay cool working in the heat.

You can also try and practice the early morning routine to stay cool when working from home. Get most of the work done before noon — it will have a crazy impact on your productivity and energy! Not to mention that our creativity is at its peak in the early hours!

4. Get some ice for your feet and hands

A fun and simple way to keep cool at work is to put either your hands or feet into ice-cold water. Why? It has been scientifically proven that ice-water hand (or feet) immersion causes a reflex decrease in skin temperature all over your body! This can even be done to stay cool in a hot office, not only at home.

Bonus: if you’ve been thinking about adding contrast or cold showers to your routine, this is the best way to start!


Another working way to cool down the whole body through one body part is to place something icy on the back of your neck or on the wrists — these are the body’s quick-cooling points. The vessels are very close to the surface, which will make the cold feeling spread through the body very quickly!

5. Play around with your location

Working from home has another huge benefit — you don’t have a dedicated desk, and you can work literally anywhere. Pick a location based on the time of the day — for example, you can work from outside your home. Whether it is your garden or a local café, spending time outside directly affects your happiness and productivity!

Keep in mind, however, that there are also some rules to staying cool while working outside. First, make sure you wear natural fabrics and go for light colors — the heat will be way gentler with you.

6. Prioritize night recovery

Keeping the windows open at night is an excellent solution for recovery after a hot day of working from home. However, if the temperatures stay high during the day, our bodies don’t recover much.

You can open the windows at night to enjoy the fresh air and let your body cool down. Long sleep (8hrs) will help you replenish the energy and prepare you to kick-start the next day.

Warning: drastic temperature changes at night can lead to a nasty cold in the middle of summer. You can always go for an air cooler and place it not far from you at night to avoid draughts from the windows.

7. Unplug and switch off all the devices you don’t need

Did you know that appliances around the house generate a surprising amount of heat when they are simply plugged in? So an eco-friendly way to keep you cool when working from home is to make sure anything you don’t need is unplugged.

On top of that, you can also avoid using a dryer and hang your clothes up to dry. If possible, wash your dishes by hand as well instead of using a dishwasher. Dryers and dishwashers generate a tremendous amount of heat!

As you can see, there are numerous ways to keep cool while working from home. Some of them can be applied anywhere, such as drinking water. Some of them are for working only in the comfort of your home. Thanks to the new technologies, there are now devices like evaporative air coolers that get the job done on a new level, and you can take them anywhere.

Do what you can to stay cool while working at home and leave the rest to new-generation air coolers by Evapolar!

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People also ask (FAQ):

1. What is the best desktop fan to keep cool while working from home?

We highly recommend you go for a portable air cooler since they have a cooling effect on the area around you. In very high temperatures, fans tend to blow the hot air around without any cooling effect.
We have covered the best fans in one of our recent articles.

2. What are the best fabrics to wear for keeping cool while working outside?

Linen is number one. Another breathable choice is cotton. These are very light, and they absorb a lot of moisture quickly, leaving you fresh and cool.

3. How do I stay cool while working from home if I don’t want my family to freeze under an AC?

Get an air cooler! It cools down the area around you, while others can enjoy the temperatures that they want anywhere else in the house.

4. How to stay cool while working at home if I am always on Zoom calls? I can’t go and put my hands into an ice bucket or go for a walk!

Keep a bottle of water next to you! Hydration is always a priority. Also, Evapolar air coolers are so quiet that you can easily place them on your desk, and whoever is on the other side of the call won’t hear a decibel! Bonus: you will look fresh for any video call.

5. I am going back to the office. I can’t apply some of the things you’ve mentioned, but I want to stay cool! What are the ways to keep cool at work?

Like we said before, hydration is always number one. You can also prioritize natural fabrics (if the dress code allows it) and make sure you get proper recovery at home. However, when it comes to your workspace directly, Evapolar air coolers are portable, and you can simply take them with you to your office! Best way to stay cool wherever you may be.