Sometimes our favorite devices can let us down — this is the case when your swamp cooler is not blowing cold air. Instead of giving up on your helper, let us see what could have gone wrong and how you can fix why your swamp cooler is not cooling. Very often it is a simple maintenance question which can solve the problem.



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Why is my swamp cooler not blowing cold air?

Reason 1: You’ve moved to a more humid place.

Most air coolers use evaporation for cooling, and their main cooling source is water. This makes them less efficient in humid condition. The explanation is simple. By evaporating the water, they add extra moisture to the air, which is why their effect is reduced in the air where there already is humidity. Atmospheres with a lot of moisture in them simply can’t take in any more moisture.

Solution: Run your air cooler simultaneously with a dehumidifier!

Reason 2: There is an issue with the filter pads / cartridges

Very often the reason why your evaporative cooler is blowing warm air is because the water pads / cartridges need to be replaced. Evaporative coolers use an intermediary for the air, which allows the outgoing airflow to be cool and humid. The ‘health’ of this intermediary is what also defines the quality and the temperature of the air.

Solution: Change what needs changing — whether it’s a filter, a water pad or a cartridge. For example, Evapolar air coolers have replacement cartridges, simple to change and they last from 3 to 6 months of use.

Reason 3: Poor maintenance

If your air cooler is malfunctioning due to bad maintenance, the only way to get it to work is to give it the checkup it deserves. Maintenance includes proper storage, gentle handling, removing dust, changing pads and using clean water.

Solution: Refer to the user manual to see how you can handle maintenance on your own. Otherwise, contact the customer support or the manufacturer to see how you can take care of your device. Routine cooler maintenance can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Reason 4: Issues with the water delivery system

Water is one of the main elements in the evaporative cooling. If the water supply stops, the whole concept of evaporation also disappears and it can be why your swamp cooler is blowing hot air.

Solution: Make sure there is nothing blocking the water delivery system. If there is a physical block, ask a specialist to clean it. If it is due to a build-up of plaque, you can use a descaling liquid to get rid of the plaque. Read the maintenance manual see which liquids can be used in your device.

Reason 5: Device is failing due to poor sizing

Incorrect sizing can cause an unnecessary stress to your device. If you expect a small device to cool down the whole room, the device will wear off too fast and you won’t get the result you wanted.

If you want to make sure there is someone to help you when your evaporative cooler is not blowing cold air, we always recommend purchasing a warranty with your device. In this case, a specialist who know all the ‘dos and don’t’s’ of your air cooler will be available to help you in case of a malfunctioning and help you with swamp cooler troubleshooting.

If your swamp cooler is working but you need it to be just a little bit stronger, check out this article on how to make your swamp cooler colder and more efficient.


How can I prevent swamp cooler failure?

Just like with any other personal electronics device, a certain number of steps and precautions will lengthen the life of your air cooler.

  • Proper maintenance
  • Use only clean water to fill the tank / reservoir
  • Regularly clean your device to remove the dust from the air grill
  • Replace pads / cartridges when they no longer retain water for evaporation
  • Use your air cooler when the outside humidity is below 50
  • Store the air cooler in a safe, dry place
  • Invest in a warranty for your cooler, so that a professional can ensure the device maintenance
  • When in doubt, always refer to the user manual or to the manufacturer!

IMPORTANT: The best way to make sure your evaporative cooler guarantees maximum efficiency is to provide regular maintenance. Check the device every 3-6 months, to make sure there are no breakages or faults.

What is the safest, most solid evaporative cooler for me?

Evapolar have been creating efficient and powerful devices for 7+ years. They are excellent for dry conditions and very warm climates — you will lower the temperature in your personal space, all while breathing fresh air with a hint of humidity.

Don’t worry about overworking your Evapolar! They come with a solid water tank which allows to keep the cooler running from 6 to 9 hours, non-stop. You are all set for a day of work or a night of rest.

Evapolar coolers are very easy to maintain. They come with an additional warranty, so that you can enjoy the cool air as long as you want. If ever you experience that your Evapolar swamp cooler is blowing warm air, you can contact their customer support and solve the issue. With a regular warranty that comes with the purchase, you are covered for a year, and with the extended warranty — for two whole years!

Evapolar air coolers have been manufactured with the utmost precision, love for nature and care for the clients. Most likely, you won’t be asking: “Why is my swamp cooler is not cooling enough?” with Evapolar devices but in the rare case if you do — their customer service is very quick to reply.

With good maintenance, clean water and a well-aerated space, Evapolar air coolers will serve you for a long time, providing you with fresh chilled air, wherever you are.

FAQ (People also ask):

1. Do I need to keep my windows open to make my air cooler more efficient?

Yes! Contrary to air conditioning, air cooler work better when the windows or doors are open. They need water and a fresh supply of air for proper functioning! As long as the windows are open, the moisture is also escaping the space, which provides better air circulation and, as a result, colder air.

2. My swamp cooler is blowing out water, what is the problem?

Check whether the water tank is leaking, as well as the water delivery system. In a properly functioning air cooler, the water only goes to the pads / cartridges and never leaves the device. The device manufacturer could help you out if you are unsure about the location

3. Why does the air coming out of my air cooler smell bad?

In certain air cooler models, you can have the mold / mildew issue. It accumulates in the cooling pads and impacts the smell of the air, as well as its quality. One sure way to avoid it would be to go for devices where the material prevents mold and bacteria from appearing, such as Evapolar air coolers and their evaBREEZE™ technology.

Always use clean water without any additives to fill in your evaporative cooler tank and replace the pads / cartridges regularly.

4. Does the water temperature in the air cooler tank impact the air temperature?

Overall, it doesn’t. Don’t add boiling water to the air cooler, of course. However, a slight temperature difference won’t impact the result.

5. How do I store the air cooler safely and guarantee proper maintenance?

Make absolutely sure that the device is fully dry before storing it for when you don’t need it. Also, ensure that the place itself is dry. Moisture in storage places can interfere with the details and they will break as a result. Remove dust and debris from the vent, dry the device and store it.