Evapolar’s personal air coolers have conquered the market — they are portable, safe, eco-friendly, and extremely powerful. It is possible thanks to our unique evaBREEZE™ technology that allows absorbing huge amounts of water and creating an exceptional cooling effect through evaporation.


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The best part about the evaBREEZE™ technology is that it can be applied way beyond portable devices. We boast quite a bit of experience in the B2B field as well. For example, we have recently collaborated with Moonstera — the new generation acoustic pods.

What we also offer as a B2B or B2C cooling solution is the Evapolar AC addon. Let us explain it in detail — it’s as easy as a breeze.

As efficient as it can be, a traditional split system air conditioner can come with possible challenges: high energy consumption, limited peak power consumption (especially if it has been installed a while ago), or limited cooling capacity. Older models can also cause an extreme drop of temperature when switched on — the common cause of colds in summer. We have made it possible to not give up on the already installed air conditioner!

Evapolar AC addon is a breakthrough energy-efficient pre-cooling solution for split system air conditioners. It works perfectly with all the industrial air conditioning systems, even those already in place and working! The best part is that you don’t need to change anything in your existing AC.

If anything — our addon makes the ACs look even cooler!

How does it work exactly?

The way it usually goes is that any split system air conditioner needs to exhaust heat outside to create low temperature inside. The problem can arise when the outside temperature goes up. It causes a higher compression ratio. As a result, more energy is consumed. We already pay quite a bit for heating in winter — let’s avoid it when it comes to cooling in summer!

More than that, the higher the temperature, the more difficult it is to exhaust heat, to the point where the compressor might not have enough capacity to exhaust heat efficiently.

How does the Evapolar AC addon solve the problem?

Very simple — the Evapolar AC addon provides extra cooling power, making sure that the compressor is always working in its optimal regime, regardless of the temperature outside. As a result, the compression ratio doesn’t spike, the AC system can cope with extreme outside temperatures and less energy is consumed.

A simple Evapolar AC addon improves the whole picture the following way:

·   Helps save up to 40% energy thanks to a more reasonable energy use

·   Reduces the peak power consumption by 30%, even when dealing with very high temperatures

·   Increases the cooling capacity by 20%

·   Pre-cools space up to 17°C, allowing to avoid rapid temperature lows and high electricity consumption.


What we do is customize the Evapolar AC addon for any solution. Our engineers are extremely skilled in this field and we can level up any existing system with our technology.

Patented evaBREEZE technology

Another perk of our AC addons is that it is a very money- and eco-friendly solution. The evaBREEZE™ system provides the most natural way of cooling. The only thing that needs to be done is to install the Evapolar AC addon onto existing systems. No need to buy a new AC, get rid of the old one, imagine the impact on the environment if you have to do it for the whole building! Let alone the cost — a customized aircon addon is always a safer choice in terms of money.

With a new AC, you don’t know how much of a perfect fit it will be. With the Evapolar AC addon, you know in advance that it’s made to perfectly fit the system in place. You are saving energy, time, and money with one simple installation.

At Evapolar we also value the safety of our customers, which is why we are so focused on the natural way of cooling. At the same time, we use non-organic structures that prevent the spreading of mold and bacteria. Your cooling system will pass any sanitary test!

Evapolar AC addon is a perfect solution for business owners. You can revamp your whole split system with our simple cooling solution. Our engineers will take care of making sure that the addon is a perfect fit!

If working on changing the split system directly is not on your project today but you would like to share the beauty of natural, eco-friendly cooling with others, we offer the possibility to become the authorized distributor of Evapolar AC addons. Our engineers will customize the Evapolar AC addon solution for each of your clients, assemble it, and ship it to you.

Let’s get in touch and talk about all the benefits for you and your end customers!