Does the Evapolar cooler really work? Let us see what some Evapolar customer reviews say about it.

When you receive the personal air cooler from Evapolar, it is perfect. It has been created with the most thorough care by our skilled engineers. From the powerful evaBREEZE™ technology inside to the packaging, every detail has been conceived to guarantee your comfort, wherever you are.

Are you the only one who feels this way? Definitely not. Most review ratings for Evapolar will agree with you!



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The first impression is one thing, however, you also want it to impress you in the long run.

Let us see where the Evapolar product reviews stand on the efficiency.

Do Evapolar coolers really work?


An evaporative cooler like Evapolar lowers the temperature around you in your personal space by 5 to 10 degrees C (17 F), depending on the initial conditions. Evaporative air coolers work the best in dry, hot climates — this is where you will feel their most powerful effect.

They are the best for personal, targeted cooling. Place it on your desk, your yoga mat, in your office space (open or not), on your nightstand, or let your pet enjoy the coolness — anything works, as long as you fill in the tank and point the airflow in the right direction.

The Evapolar reviews do mention that if you live in a place with 40-50% humidity, the Evapolar device is perfect.

Evapolar Reviews from Verified Buyers

Most Evapolar reviews mention cooling capacity, efficiency, design, portability and how well they work for a small space. Here are some of the testimonials which answer most of the questions a buyer may have.

  1. This evaporative cooler is ideal for your personal micro-climate, and you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on an air con which requires access to the window. It is more than a fan and it is totally worth it!
  2. At first, spending 100$ on a smart fan seems like a lot but then you see it’s worth it.
  3. It is a wonderful solution if your partner enjoys cool air and you prefer when it’s warm.
  4. Fabulous! We got it for our dogs for when it gets too hot in the van.
  5. The device is meant for personal cooling, as opposed to the ACs which cool the whole room. Item works as described.
  6. Big things come in tiny packages
  7. Total game-changer for the heatwave in Europe
  8. Perfect for when you have hot flashes!
  9. Works on my desktop during the day, and in my bedroom during the night. Love it!
  10. This is NOT for the whole room, which is exactly what the description says, so I knew what I was getting. If this is the expectation you go with, it gets the job done perfectly.
  11. Powered by USB, very practical for camping.
  12. Combined humidifier, so don’t forget to add water, kills two birds with one stone.
  13. A lot of cold power for such a little guy. Surprised! Would buy again
  14. You have to place it right next to you but it gets the job done.
  15. It is more pleasant to breathe with the air humidification.

This sounds wonderful! What about the negative or more neutral review ratings for Evapolar? Let us see what makes the users press less than 4 stars.

  1. There is no way to put ice into the tank to try and make it colder.
  • Indeed, there is no way to put ice in the tank to make it colder, simply because there is no need to. Evapolar air coolers get the job done without adding the ice. In fact, it’s even recommended to use regular water, room temperature, for the best cooling effect.

2. It is smaller than I expected so it isn't so great for cooling an entire room/larger area

  • Almost all evaporative air coolers (unless you install a whole swamp system but that is a different story) only cool your personal area and are NOT for cooling the entire room, which is what the website states more than once.

3. Not cooling enough for a room

  • See above

4. When it arrived, the filter was covered in dust

  • All the models are assembled and packed in a safe, almost sterile environment. The recent model of the Evapolar cartridge is in a different color, which is more gray. Since the cartridge made with the evaBREEZE material contains basalt particles, if the package is shaken during delivery, they can look like dust. It can be easily removed with a damp cloth and has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the device.

5. Unable to order replacement filters

  • The replacement cartridges are always available on the official website.

Often negative product reviews are a result of the simple lack of understanding how the product works. Unfortunately, some reviewers also say: “It stopped working after 4 months”, and then, when they get their problem fixed by the manufacturer, they never reach out to change the review.

However, it is still almost always possible to form your objective opinion based on even the most subjective reviews, especially if you know the product description. Here are some more Evapolar reviews you can find interesting!

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Evapolar Product Range


Ultraportable (1.65 lbs) cooling model in ocean blue, opaque white and urban grey colors. Consumes 7W only, which makes it the most energy-efficient model among all the Evapolar coolers. You can regulate the cooling speeds and the lighting mode with the button on top of the device.


Leakage-proof air cooler in two colors: magic black or crystal white. It comes with a sleep timer,  full-spectrum LED light, removable water tank and consumes only 10W. Equipped with a control wheel for more precise control and airflow adjustments. With one refill of the water tank, you can leave it on for up to 8 hours.


Smart home-friendly evaporative air cooler which you can control with your voice or an app. Consumes 12.5W. Comes with a full-spectrum LED light and a color playlist. Heaviest (4lb) model among the Evapolar air coolers. It also has the largest removable water tank among all the models, which allows it to run up to 9 hours on one refill. Just like evaLIGHTplus, it has a sleep timer.

Every Evapolar device is unique and has something extra that differentiates it from other coolers. However there is a very simple list of dos and don'ts that will make every air cooler serve you longer.  





evaLIGHT plus


Tips for operating and taking care of your air cooler

We recommend you always use the original power supply with your air cooler. However, any other cable will work too as long as you make sure it fits the characteristics.

To fill the water tank, follow these rules:

(for evaSMART) Always install the water tank when a cartridge is inside to avoid leaks.
(for evaLIGHTplus and evaSMART) Always detach it from the device first before filling the water tank with clean water. Often the question arises how often you should change the water in the air cooler? Empty the water tank from time to time  and disinfect it approximately every 3 days.

  • To switch it off completely, always disconnect the device from the power supply
  • Clean your air cooler regularly! The frequency of cleaning depends on how much dust your cooler is exposed to but the procedure stays the same. A cleaning procedure can be carried out, when:
    -The device is 100% dry
    -The device is unplugged
    -The cartridge is extracted (see related articles for evaCHILL, evaLIGHT, evaLIGHTplus, evaSMART)

    You can wipe the front grill of the device and its inside area with a soft cloth. Air cooler cleaning is a very important procedure. You can find more information on proper cleaning in this detailed article.

    IMPORTANT: Don’t clean the insides of the cartridge, just the outsides.

    The cartridge replacement and maintenance are a different story! You can see how to replace the cartridge for evaCHILL, evaLIGHT, evaLIGHTplus, and evaSMART.
  • Replace the cartridge every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often and where you use the air cooler.
  • To give your air cooler a long, well-deserved break for more than 5 days, empty the water reservoir and let the device run at maximum power for at least 4 hours to allow the cartridge to dry out.
  • If you have decided to store it for a long time, we recommend you do so after cleaning and drying it out as described above. Then, place the device in an appropriately sized packaging for storage (original packaging is recommended). Store the device in a dry space at room temperature.
  • Keep the cartridge dry if you happen to travel for long distances with your air cooler.

The DON’Ts are sometimes just as important as the DO’s. Now let’s see what you CAN’T do, to make sure your portable air cooler and you have a beautiful, long-lasting duo.

  • Don’t run the air cooler on dirty polluted water or add any essential oils, perfumes, and any other substances into the water. Always keep it clean. If you are not sure about the safety of your tap water, please use distilled water.
  • Don’t use the device in a highly polluted environment. Large dust particles, dirt, etc., can seriously affect the device's evaporative cartridge lifecycle.
  • Don’t turn the device upside down and always place it onto a smooth horizontal surface. Tilting your air cooler may cause a water leak and damage the device. Keep it horizontal!
  • Don’t keep your Evapolar around extreme humidity. Just like any electronic device, it can break down if the water gets inside. Only touch the power supply or power cord with dry hands. Extreme humidity interferes with the cooling process, we recommend using your device in dry surroundings only.
  • Don’t block the device in any way as it can interfere with the functioning! Don’t let any foreign objects enter the device. Don’t place heavy items on top of the device. Don’t block the front and back grills of the device.
  • Inversely, don’t use the device where it can block anything. Don’t place the device in passageways or any other location where it can cause an obstruction and can be accidentally knocked over.
  • Don’t expose your air cooler to any fire sources (candles for example) or place them on top of the device.
  • Don’t place your Evapolar under direct sunlight — just like you wouldn’t do with any other electronic device.
  • Don’t leave it unsupervised to be used by people with limited physical, visual, or mental abilities or very young children. They should never use the device without the supervision of those responsible for their safety or those capable of assistance in using the device.

What happens if the device has been exposed to water, despite your best efforts?

In the case of a leak or if water spills onto the electronic parts of the device, the bottom of the device, and/or the fan grill, immediately disconnect the power cord and let the device dry for at least 24 hours.

Another very important “don’t” is… Don’t panic if you see that the cartridge looks dark and/or yellowish after usage! It only means it has been colored by the impurities from the air and water. It is not molded! Our technology has been perfected to the point where it prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. You can read more on the wear and tear of the cartridge here, to make sure!

To make sure you get the best out of your Evapolar air cooler and you both benefit from your friendship, also:

  • Use it in dry air, with humidity less than 70%, since the working principle of the cooler is to turn hot dry air into a cool, moist one.
  • Run the air cooler in a well-ventilated room! If Evapolar is used in an enclosed space, it will gradually raise humidity while working and reduce its effectiveness. Keep a window or a door open to prevent that.
  • As much as you can, use filtered water. If the water used contains high amounts of minerals or iron, it may leave a residue on the filter or change its color. It is not harmful to your health but may reduce the lifespan of the cartridge.

And the last one… Place yourself in the airflow and … ENJOY! To feel the expected effect, you need to be in front of the device, within a 1-1,5m distance. It feels like a cool breeze on a hot day.

Evapolar devices are easy to use and maintain, and the reviews confirm it. The better you care about your device, the longer it will serve your comfort and health! Things like occasional breakage might happen, so make sure you contact the manufacturer or seller, they usually will reach out to make up for any issue.

The better you read the product description, the more you are likely to align your needs and expectations with the product.

Stay cool and hydrated!