The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we cook meals, share stories and gather together as a family. Unfortunately, it can become a hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable place during summer. If you are looking for ways to cool down a kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. We have ten simple ideas to keep your kitchen cool and comfortable all summer.

First, let's see why your kitchen can get too hot.



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Causes of High Temperature In The Kitchen

There are many reasons why the kitchen can be hot in the summer. One reason is that the kitchen is an enclosed space. This means that the heat from the oven, stovetop, and other appliances can build up and make the room feel hot. The summer sun can also make the kitchen very hot, as can humidity levels. And finally, many people like to keep their kitchens cool by using air conditioning, which can add to the room's overall temperature when the AC is not in use.

All these factors can make the kitchen the least favorite place in the summer. It can be hard to cook or eat when you’re sweating bullets. And if you have small children or pets, it can even be dangerous for them to be in a hot kitchen.

That’s why it’s essential to take steps to cool down your kitchen in the summer. Below are ten simple ideas that will help you do just that.

1.  Use a portable air cooler

An evaporative air cooler like Evapolar is a great way to keep you cool when cleaning your kitchen or cooking. You can place these small convenient units anywhere. For example, if you are in the middle of cooking, direct the airflow at you and cool down your personal space.

Evaporative air coolers are the ideal solution to create a chill bubble in your personal space when you are in the kitchen.

2.  Install a window air conditioner

If you have a window in your kitchen, you can cool the space by installing a window air conditioner. It is not an ideal option if you are renting or limited in terms of space and budget.

3. Use fans to circulate the air

Fans are a great and affordable way to cool down your kitchen in the summer. You can use floor fans, table fans, or ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are the most efficient because they circulate the air throughout the room.

However, if your kitchen gets very hot, the fans will only move the hot air around.

The ceiling fan should spin counter-clockwise during summer and clockwise during winter. No magic, just laws of physics: depending on the blades’ direction, they can create a breeze or force the warm air down.
Warm air is much lighter than cold air, so it comes down to density. This is why warm air "floats up", and cold air, on the contrary, "sinks down".

4. Invest in high-quality kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances like microwaves and refrigerators come in different sizes and styles these days, but there is one thing they all have in common: they work best when they are new. If you are looking for ways to cool your kitchen this summer, investing in some good quality kitchen appliances may be a good idea – especially if your old ones are not energy-efficient.

Also, most devices tend to generate a little bit of heat when plugged in. It won't make a massive difference in the scorching heat, but overall it is a good life hack — also because it helps save on energy.

For a better understanding of how appliances heat the air in the room and what appliances which emit the most energy, you can check out this detailed article.

5. Close the curtains and shades during the day.

If you have windows in your kitchen, you can reduce temperatures in the kitchen by closing the curtains and shades during the day. This will keep out the sun’s heat and will help keep the kitchen cool. If your window catches a lot of direct sunlight, give your preference to dark or blackout curtains.


6. Don't leave the oven door open after cooking

It might be tempting to leave the oven door open after you’ve finished cooking to cool it down but this will actually make your kitchen hotter. The heat from the oven will escape and make the room feel even warmer.

7. Use the stovetop as little as possible

If possible, avoid using the stovetop to cook during the summer. It will only add more heat to an already warm kitchen. Instead, opt for recipes that can be made in the oven, microwave, or slow cooker to keep the kitchen cool while cooking.

8. Paint your kitchen walls white

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to cool down your kitchen, painting the walls white will help reflect the sun’s heat. Darker colors will absorb the heat, which will make the room hotter.

9. Get a whole-house fan

A whole-house fan is a great way to cool down your entire house, including the kitchen. These fans are installed in the attic. They pull cool air in through the windows and push the hot air out of the house.

10. Freeze water bottles or ice packs and use them as coolers

Another easy way to cool down your kitchen is to freeze water bottles and use them as coolers. You can put them in the fridge or freezer, or you can put them in the sun to create a cooler.

If you don’t have any frozen water bottles or whole-house fans, you can use ice packs to cool down your kitchen. Just place them in the fridge or freezer and then put them in your kitchen when needed.

Is It OK to Put an AC In The Kitchen?

If you want to cool down your kitchen with an air conditioner, you should place it in a spot that does not obstruct the stove. The best place to put it is above the stove, and you should make sure that there is enough space between it and the stove so that the heat from the oven does not affect it.

You should also remember that an AC unit in the kitchen will use more energy than in another room, so it is vital to ensure it is energy-efficient. If you don’t know whether your AC unit is energy-efficient, you can ask for help from a professional. Or you can check this article about how to choose the most energy-efficient air conditioner.

Evapolar Is The Perfect Device to Keep You Cool in Your Kitchen

Evapolar air coolers are perfect for keeping your personal space in the kitchen cool. The coolers work by evaporating water to create a cool, refreshing breeze.

All Evapolar devices are easy to use, and they are very energy-efficient. They are also environmentally friendly because they do not use Freon or other harmful chemicals.

Here are five more reasons to consider an Evapolar air cooler to cool your kitchen:

  1. Zero installation fees. Even if you don’t have access to a socket, you can plug the device into a portable battery or a laptop and enjoy the cool air.
  2. Efficient and affordable solution for rentals. Installing an AC in a rental is very often unreasonable, and not many landlords approve of it. Just get an evaporative air cooler and take it with you when/if you move if you don't want to invest in an air conditioner in your rental.
  3. Sleek minimalist design. Our kitchens already have so many items and gadgets that you don't want one more blocking the space. The air coolers are small, portable, and they fit with any decor.
  1. Best price/value ratio. Evapolar is much more efficient when it comes to cooling than a fan with the same dimensions.
  2. Patented evaBREEZE® material for filters doesn’t build up mold or bacteria during long-term contact with water.

People also ask (FAQ):

Does cooking make the house hot?

Yes, cooking can make the house hot. When you're cooking, the stove and oven generate a lot of heat. Try to cool the kitchen down before cooking by opening the windows or using fans and air conditioners. You can also cook on the grill or outdoors to keep the kitchen cooler.

How do I control the temperature of my kitchen?

There are many different ways to cool down a hot kitchen. You can install a window air conditioner, use a portable air conditioner or buy a whole-house fan. You can also use fans, ice packs, and frozen water bottles to cool your kitchen down.

Where should a kitchen fan be placed?

The best place for the kitchen fans is near the stove or oven to help cool the room down. If you have a lot of cabinets above the stove, you may want to put the fan on the floor instead.

Which is the best evaporative cooler for the kitchen?

Evapolar is the best personal evaporative cooler for the kitchen because it is easy to use, provides cool air quickly, and is ultra-portable.