As much as people like the summer and warmer days, no one likes to work, sleep, or spend time with the family in a hot and uncomfortable environment. After working long hours, you want a cool, calm, and temperate place to come back to.



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Do you need a big, bulky device to cool you down? It’s not necessary, especially if you don’t have the space for it. But will a small swamp cooler suffice your needs? Let’s find out.

After working long hours, you want a cool, calm, and temperate place to come back to

Why Choose a Small Swamp Cooler

Evaporative coolers have many benefits and are often used in dry climates as an effective replacement for AC or fans. But they are often sizable, so not everyone can use them, not to mention that it’s usually your personal space that needs cooling and not the whole room.

  • They are location friendly

A small swamp cooler can become your friend in any situation. It’s a good size to fit any room or surface. Some models even have handles to make moving them more convenient, but that’s not a necessary feature, as they weigh no more than an average laptop.

It can also be your companion outdoors, creating a comfortable environment in your patio, garage, or garden.

  • They work to make your personal space a comfort zone

If you live with your family or have a roommate, you are bound to have disagreements about the desired room temperature. This is because everyone has different needs when it comes to comfort. However, you will not have this issue with a mini cooler. The cooler brings down the temperature in a small area and functions the best only for the person sitting close to it.

  • They have proportional sizing

Compact swamp coolers are proportional to the space they are intended to cool, making them a convenient fixture on your bedside table, work desk, or coffee table. You can place them on the kitchen counter to cool down while making dinner or even use them in your camping tent.

  • Small swamp coolers have a great design

They may look like a box, but sleek forms and LED lighting add to the minimalistic look and help them blend in with your interior and not stand out compared to the larger versions of swamp coolers. They don’t ruin the aesthetic sense of your living space. Read also: Swamp Cooler or Air Conditioner: What Is the Most Cost-Effective Option?

How to Choose a Good Compact Cooler

Here, you'll find out what properties matter the most when choosing which compact device to buy. To make this information more simple, let’s recount how this cooling appliance works.e to buy.

How to choose swamp cooler?

Working Mechanism of a Swamp Cooler

Swamp coolers pull in the hot, dry air and force it through a cooling pad that is dampened with water, which causes the moisture to evaporate. It’s an aided natural process, better than a fan, and it doesn’t cost so much that you should consider DYI-ing the same process with improvised means.


This is eco-friendly technology for cooling, which does not use any Freon or other harmful liquids. No heat exhaust is present as a result of the evaporative cooling.

When using an evaporative cooler, whether big or small, you don't need to hole yourself up in your own home with all the doors and windows closed like with some devices (namely AC). Your mini cooler will work better if you have a consistent fresh air supply. Enclosed spaces can affect the adequate work of an evaporator, as it can start overly humidifying the space and making it feel clammy.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Things to consider before buying swamp cooler

When it comes to buying any home appliance, you should do your research to find the best product for you. There are various features you need to look at before buying a small swamp cooler. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Filtration Media

Swamp coolers not only cool and humidify the air but also get rid of dust particles, allergens, spores, mold, etc. Some models have additional filters, such as True HEPA filters. Others come with activated carbon filters that help in eliminating foul odors from your rooms.

When it comes to filtering media, there are various options, such as glass, cellulose, etc. The media you choose for filtration depends on the level of cleanliness you need. Usually, cellulose and mesh media have a 50% efficiency when it comes to trapping harmful particles. The glass filtration media are usually 99.5% efficient. Moreover, they have higher fluid compatibility compared to cellulose. Glass fibers have a uniform diameter and are usually smaller than the cellulose fibers.

If you choose a swamp cooler with additional filters, mind that they need to be cleaned and replaced regularly — that’s an additional expense.

Beyond these options, some companies make their own filter materials using high-quality technology. They provide effective filtration when it comes to harmful airborne particles.


Swamp coolers are usually cost-effective cooling solutions

Swamp coolers are usually cost-effective cooling solutions. But some models are extremely cheap — that should make any person wonder if they work. Cheap materials usually lower the cost, and that means, while the cooler will be effective to an extent, it won’t be that way for long. Not to mention the awful smell that cheap plastic emits.

Climate Considerations

Swamp coolers work well in areas with humidity levels that are lower than the normal indoors range of thirty to fifty percent. Once your indoor humidity reaches 60%, a swamp cooler becomes less effective. Of course, if that not the usual scenario for your location, an evaporative cooler is still an option for you.

At the same time, indoor humidity is usually higher than it is outdoors. You can use a swamp cooler outside without affecting your comfort.


Swamp coolers are fairly easy and simple to maintain. They require periodic washing so mildew and mold will not build up inside the water tank. The internal cartridge that holds the water also requires periodic replacement, but this depends on the specifications of your product.

It’s also recommended that you use filtered water. This ensures that mineral buildup in pads and water containers is reduced and maximum moisture is absorbed for cooling purposes. Look for swamp coolers that require the least amount of maintenance.


  • Filling method
    Mini coolers are filled manually, but they have different configurations. Some can be filled with a water bottle or straight from the tap. Other versions need a funnel, or you might need to take out the pads to get to the water container. It’s easy to see which method is most convenient.
  • Cooler capacity
    Small swamp coolers can hold anywhere from 500 milliliters to a gallon. This affects how long the device can work and how much cooling power it can offer. The more water it can hold, the more weighty it becomes.
  • Digital controls
    Some swamp coolers have manual controls, while others come with digital controls that are nicer to the touch and allow more flexible functionality. You get to choose a more precise temperature and even remote control the device through wifi.

Benefits of Evapolar Mini Evaporative Coolers

Now you know what features to keep an eye out for when buying swamp coolers. The market is full of attractive options when it comes to swamp coolers. Evapolar offers a mini cooler that is efficient in cost and operation, considering the high-quality materials used in manufacturing, durability, and cooling power it offers.

Evapolar Mini Evaporative Coolers

Evapolar comes in three versions that vary in size, power consumption, and area of cooling, though not by much. Perhaps an essential factor that sets this swamp cooler apart from every other type of device is that even a simple power bank can be used to power it up. This means you can also take it to a picnic with you. Other than that, it is:

  • As effective as its bulky counterparts. Not all compact coolers are powerful enough to affect the temperature in your personal space. Evapolar can cool down up to 4 m2 (33 feet2) of space.
  • Constructed from highly durable and patented materials. Evapolar swamp coolers are made to be high-quality and long-lasting. They don’t have the bad smell that’s usually associated with plastic.
  • Supplied with a non-organic nanomaterial cartridge. The patented EvaBreeze filter cartridge provides a maximum surface for evaporation, which results in better cooling. Moreover, the non-organic nature of the fibers resists the buildup of mold and other microorganisms that can affect the quality of the air.
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Wrap Up

Small swamp coolers are an environmentally safe way to manipulate the temperature of your living spaces quickly and cost-effectively. They are especially handy in blazing conditions but are not the most suitable in an all-year humid climate. Despite their obvious advantages, you should still consider the filtration system and the coverage area of a particular device and a few other features before choosing the best small swamp cooler for you.


If you buy one of the Evapolar options, you will be able to rest and work free tension-free and comfortably. It has a low cost and uses an eco-friendly way of keeping the temperatures down.