Every year we’re looking forward to the end of the cold seasons to spend more time outside and enjoy the weather. There’s no doubt that relaxing outdoors is best on the patio. At the same time, everything is not as obvious as it seems. Lunch or a small party in the yard can become a real nightmare if the temperature constantly reaches a maximum.

Read some recommendations to get answers on how to keep your patio cool and choose the best unit to make air cooler.


Best portable cooling devices

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Why is the air conditioning for patio so important nowadays?

The air cooling process will benefit not only the open space in your house, but also you personally. Let's figure out what effect this innovation has.

  • Reduces the risk of illnesses. According to numerous scientific research, both outdoor conditioning and cool air prevent heat-related diseases and even lethal outcomes.
  • Affects the dehydration process. Everything is pretty simple. The lower the temperature, the less people sweat. At the same time, they lose less fluid and maintain the required humidity level out the window.
  • Transforms a yard into a great place for physical activity. If the gym is far away and it takes a long time to get there, just use your patio. At the same time, the cooling process will make you feel comfortable even if it’s extremely hot. You’ll take time for your health and save energy and money on the road.

Types of cooling systems for patio

Evaporative cooler

How do evaporative coolers work? First of all, they consist of several technologies at once to make the air as cool as possible. Each device is based on a fan. By the way, it’s not necessary to pay attention to the size of the mechanism. In practice, even small evaporative coolers process huge volumes of air. Another important feature of this unit is connected to our body. Water evaporates in a cooler just as in our body and many plants. Due to the internal structure, the temperature can decrease significantly in both dry and humid climates. Another plus in the piggy bank of an evaporative cooler is energy efficiency. The mechanism takes cooling energy from the air, so significant costs aren’t expected.

It draws in warm air through special pads, which the fan releases outside after circulation. We recommend putting the machine in the shade to get the most out of it. You can also use a roof or an umbrella to keep the air slightly cooled in advance. When everything is ready, the last step is to connect the unit to the water supply system and turn it on.

Evaporative air coolers by Evapolar are the best option to your patio cooling. Do you also think of the same answers?

  • You just need to have access to water and electricity. Fill the compartment with water and turn the mechanism into an outlet. The unit will have a great effect, and you will breathe outdoor air fully.
  • The mechanisms won’t take up much space and will suit any style in the interior. If you take care of the appearance of the patio, the Evapolar evaporative cooler will highlight its strengths and benefits.
  • The machines are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. In addition, you’ll significantly save your budget because there’s no need to spend a lot of money on two separate expensive devices. Evaporative air coolers will equally cool the air outside and in your house before going to bed.

Air Conditioners

We are sure that you have faced a lot of such mechanisms when you were thinking about cooling the space inside your home. We propose going ahead and using it for a patio. Will it work in such conditions? Of course, but before answers you should know two important nuances in advance.

To begin with, air conditioners in a house or car cool the air in several ways. This means that it draws in hot air and cools it in a circle. However, it’s almost impossible to do so outdoors, because cold air spreads instantly. Don’t forget that the functioning of the air conditioner is based on high energy consumption. Accordingly, you cool and heat the air in parallel.

Portable air conditioner for patio

Searching for a portable outdoor AC for patio can take a long time. However, such costs will definitely pay off. You’ll use this powerful product on the patio, as well as on hikes, on the beach and even in a cart, if necessary. Due to the comfortable structure, you can always take them with you to any areas. When choosing a perfect unit, pay attention to its size and capacity, as well as the power source. In most cases, the machines are based on AC/DC power, a battery, or a combination of these two methods. Don't forget to read the reviews and check out the runtime to get to close to misters.


Another great way to cool the hot air is an outdoor fan. You already know that they influence the work of an evaporative cooler. By the way, you can choose the best unit depending on your budget, preferences and the square of the patio. Fans for outdoor space are usually divided into pedestrian, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted. Wall-mounted ones can be portable or stand alone. Based on our experience, we recommend using wall mechanisms for the street. Where is the best place to use a ceiling fan? Leave it for covered outdoor areas. Carefully choose the place to turn on the fan so that it benefits you and your guests.

By the way, do you know the original purpose of this unit? The answers are here. There’s no point in hiding that there's a huge difference between fan operation, evaporative cooler and AC. Fans aren't aimed at cooling the air. They disperse it to ease the fate for a while.

The air from this mechanism makes you feel best at 75°F. But if the temperature outside is higher, then it'll be more difficult to cope with the situation. In this case, you’ll start sweating to overcome the heat. We’re pretty sure that not everyone wants to sweat in hot weather when having a chance to get out on the patio as soon as possible.


Do portable air conditioners work outdoors?

Yes, they do. That's not all the answers. Portable unit will allow you to feel comfortable both at home and outdoors, during activity and recreation. In addition, it'll reduce the risk of heat stroke and other diseases that are associated with heat. Moreover, these mechanisms won’t force you to choose the time to go outside and the right moment to enjoy your own patio. Even the peak of high temperature won't disrupt your plans. In addition to the patio, you can also turn it on in camping or even in a tent to make a space cooler.

How do you cool a humid patio?

Obviously, not all methods are suitable for cooling a space with high humidity. If the unit isn’t able to fix your problem, use more traditional alternatives. For example, think of installation several umbrellas on the site, and also choose light building materials reflecting the sun's rays. If you want to know more perfect options besides outdoor patio air conditioner for cooling the humid areas, read them here.