During summer, when it is extremely hot, you may have to run your air conditioner all day and night long just to tame the heat and humidity. However may give you a sore back, and this plan may lead to other problems such as a sore throat which feels dry.

Could it be that sore throats are caused by air conditioners? To begin with, usage of an air conditioning unit is one of the causes of sore throat but majorly due to dryness in the atmosphere rather than the machine. They help ensure that your home has an enjoyable atmosphere by using hot air and taking out moisture from the air. But this process can also make your throat dry and irritated. Furthermore, some issues with your AC system might worsen a sore throat issue. Here are a few things you should know.


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Why Your Air Conditioner Can Be Blamed For Your Sore Throat As Possible Causes

Bad installing Air Conditioning

Like stagnant water; stagnant air acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. If your AC was poorly installed then there may not be enough circulation of fresh air around the house thereby making it unhealthy. This process can attract dust mites which cause allergies to flare up, leading to the accumulation of large amounts of dust and dirty air. Your health could be at risk without proper air circulation by your air conditioner. This causes other respiratory conditions and viral infections so your air conditioner must be installed properly.

Insufficient Maintenance

Extremely vital is the cleanliness of your air filters and air ducts. These parts will house dirt and allergens found in your home, however, whatever comes in must go out eventually, meaning these components have to be cleaned regularly. If not controlled, the bacteria or allergens captured by the dirty air filters can develop into mold. Moreover, you should get maintenance service for your AC unit at least two times a year so that it remains efficient.

Dry Air from the Air Conditioner

Some people, especially those with allergies may find cool air and low humidity levels uncomfortable. On top of triggering allergies, cold dry air can cause coughs especially if someone has asthma. Make sure to occasionally run your AC system with the vent control open or now and then open your windows so that fresh air can enter your house. The unit will then be able to cycle the “new” air through the device, thus preventing home air from becoming stale and improving its quality.

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What to Do If Your Air Conditioning is Giving You a Sore Throat

It is important to properly install and regularly service your air conditioning system to enhance your indoor air quality as well as alleviate problems such as sore throat. There are also some practices you can adopt for an improved outcome. This is especially true in places with warm and humid weather or where people are often found in air-conditioned or dry environments.

What to Do If Your Air Conditioning is Giving You a Sore Throat
  • By keeping sufficient water intake, it helps keep moisture in the throat which reduces irritation.
  • Additionally, it is also advisable that one allocates time outdoors. Indoor areas often have suboptimal levels of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.
  • It is good to breathe outdoor fresh air that can help improve indoor confined sinuses, lungs, and throats.
  • Also, limiting the use of fans can be a good thing.
  • Economy mode is an option where it switches on and off intermittently or simply switches off in case there is no one at home.
  • Air filters should regularly be replaced for good reasons. If not, air that circulates carries dirt, dust, and pet dander that would trigger respiratory problems.
  • Lastly, avoiding respiratory irritants like fragranced cleaners, strong chemicals or air fresheners is advisable. These will increase nose and throat discomfort and even result in sore throats as well. An air purifier can be especially helpful if you have pets, to help reduce the amount of pet dander in the air.

There has been such widespread usage of heating and air conditioning systems that often we do not give any thought to their importance and impact on our comfort and lifestyle until we are uncomfortable ourselves. Did you know that there are three main reasons why your cold could be caused by your AC? Sometimes the first thing that comes into mind with dry mouth or allergies may be a malfunctioning heater or AC system leading to a sore throat. Only sometimes is this true, but when it is, there are a couple of reasons why.

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To Wrap Up

The actuality is that indoor air quality preservation implies not only the right installation and maintenance of your AC system but also a healthy lifestyle and household habits. It’s important to stay hydrated and spend time outdoors as well as avoid respiratory irritants and change air filters regularly for moderating air conditioning use, however, these measures alone won’t make inadequate air circulation in an environment healthier. Besides they add to respiratory health in general as well as overall comfort. Following such practices every day can considerably ease sore throats and other related problems hence ensuring a more pleasant and healthier indoor experience.


What are some tips on preventing a sore throat due to using an air conditioning system?

To prevent possibly getting a sore throat from your air conditioner, you should have it installed correctly and carry out regular maintenance like cleaning its filters and ducts. Other effective strategies include maintaining indoor humidity levels, staying hydrated, getting outside for fresh air from time to time, reducing fan usage, getting the air filter and rid of old filters frequently, and avoiding strong chemical respiratory irritants. An individual can also employ the services of an air purifier particularly when they have pets.

Can my habit of constantly running the air conditioner give me a sore throat?

Air conditioners dehumidify the air to cool it, leading to dry air and a dry or irritated throat. Moreover, installation problems as well as poor maintenance in your AC such as air circulation and quality of air conditioner may make this situation worse. So sometimes it is advisable to use Air Conditioning timely, not all the day. For example, you can turn on it when you are going to walk.