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About us

about company
About us

We are Evapolar

A Personal Air Treatment Solutions Brand

Everybody has their own definition of comfort. Any comfort starts with the air we breathe – particularly at home.

The quality, temperature, and humidity of the air can significantly impact our body and mind. Your preferences will naturally differ from the people around you. That’s why it’s best to have separate climate zones tailored to the needs of every individual in your home or office.

Whether you require a chilled workspace for productivity, a humidified corner for plants, a gentle space with clean air for your newborn or pet, or simply a spot where you can feel an ocean breeze on your skin – we've got you covered.

We Care for Your Air

We may not have the power to control the weather, but we can customize the air in your personal space to enhance your comfort level.

Our Story

In 2015, we embarked on a journey to create customized personal climate areas. We eagerly developed a powerful personal air cooler based on our unique evaBREEZE® technology – and fueled by our successful Indiegogo campaign, we brought our vision to life.

Today, we offer an extensive range of air treatment products for personal climate areas at home, catering to the needs of comfort enthusiasts worldwide. We also provide energy-efficient B2B cooling solutions that can reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.

About technology


Our mission is to bring moments of ultimate comfort through meticulously designed air treatment products so that every breath you take is effortless – wherever you are.

Beyond Cooling

We go beyond providing physical comfort by addressing your mental well-being as well. Through partnerships and campaigns with like-minded brands, we aim to enhance your overall wellness experience.

Furthermore, we contribute towards environmental sustainability by partnering with NPOs who share our vision.

We've already made personal cooling accessible worldwide. Now there's more to come.
Four offices
USA, UAE, Estonia, China
Manufacturing facility
Our products are assembled according to the highest production standards
Seven warehouses
California, New Jersey, Germany, Hong Kong, UK, Australia, UAE
Tax payer
Evapolar group is a registered tax payer in 6 countries: USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Estonia, UAE

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