A heatwave is hard by itself, and figuring out how to cool your house without electricity is even harder. We are never fully safe from a power blackout and sometimes we need to figure out cooling without electricity.

Summer should be about fun and relaxation, not worrying — so we made sure you stay relaxed with the main hacks on how to keep cool without electricity.



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1. Prepare in advance

If your region is prone to heatwaves and power blackouts, prepare batteries and portable power banks in advance. Preparation is also key if you are headed somewhere without permanent electricity access — hiking, van trips, camping, road trips, etc.

On top of charging devices, stack enough clean water for drinking and cooling. If possible, wear clothes made from natural, breathing fabrics such as linen.

Purchase other non-electronic items for back-up, such as:

  • Water-misting spray bottles
  • Ice chest for food and water (like the one you would take on picnics)
  • Solar-powered batteries

2. Get a portable air cooler

Small electronic devices like the evaCHILL portable air cooler by Evapolar can work with any electricity supply, even a small power bank! If you happen to be somewhere with restricted electricity access or just with a laptop / portable battery, to survive a heatwave, all you need to do is plug your evaCHILL and enjoy the coolness!

How long can it work with a portable battery? Let us show you some calculations!

If you are reading this article on your phone, tablet or computer, there are chances that you have a minimum access to electricity. This is exactly how much electricity you need to run this powerful evaporative air cooler anywhere.

Evapolar air coolers use very little power (7W – 12W), and they can be plugged to your laptop or a powerbank.

Let us show you some calculations, in comparison with the device you use the most — your cell phone. We will analyze an ideal situation, where your power bank is fully charged and has a voltage of 5V (usual voltage for power banks).

With a 10,000mAh power bank (actual capacity: 6,660mAh), you can fully charge most new smartphones about 1.5 times.

An evaporative air cooler like evaCHILL uses 7W.

P/V = I

(Current = Power / Voltage)

7W/5V = 1,4A (amps)

10000mAh = 10Ah (10A/hour or 1A/10hours). In this case, the power bank puts 1A at 5V for 10 hours. To run a 5W device, it would take 10 hours to fully drain.

To run a 7W device like evaCHILL, the 10000 mAh power bank would take around 7 hours to drain.

RESULT: With one fully charged basic portable battery, one evaCHILL and one glass of water you get 7 hours of uninterrupted fresh air in a heatwave, wherever you are. Now this is one very efficient way to keep cool without electricity access!

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3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

That ice latté feels great as an afternoon treat, and those few sips of cold beer taste like heaven on a warm summer night. Unfortunately, that feeling won’t last long. Both alcohol and caffeine act like diuretics, so there is a high chance you will feel dehydrated after you indulge in a refreshing drink.

If you need to keep cool without electricity, you should avoid anything that can aggravate the situation — coffee and alcohol are on the list.

4. Stay hydrated

The best thing you can do for your body to stay cool in summer is to drink lots of clean water. Hydration is key to proper body functioning, waste elimination and temperature balance. While the recommended 8 glasses per day won’t bring the outdoor temperature down, they will definitely help you stay cooler without electricity. Read also: Great Gadgets to Improve Your Car/RV Travel Experience

IMPORTANT: Know the signs of dehydration. This is especially important if you are stuck in a summer heatwave with kids, elderly or pets. Give the victim clean, fresh water to drink and place them in the immediate proximity of a cooling source or give them a cold shower / bath.

Call emergency services in the event of a heat emergency / severe dehydration, and try to cool the victim until help arrives.

5. Avoid going upstairs / up

Just like in a sauna, the higher you are — the warmer the air. This is due to simple physics — hot air rises because it is less dense than the surrounding air. Whether you are at home where you have more than one floor, or outside without electricity access, avoid going up. The lower you stay, the cooler the air around you will be.

In the same spirit, sleep in the rooms located on the ground floor.

6. Block out the heat

Closing shades, blinds or curtains can help block out the heat during the day. You can also invest in blackout curtains with strong insulation if you happen to live in an area with frequent or very strong heatwaves.

7. Make the best of the night time and the early hours

Open your windows at night to get the fresh air in. It would also be very unhealthy to sit out the heatwave at home 24/7, so if you have a chance, get outside and breathe some fresh air before the sun hits!

8. Dunk your feet and hands into cold water

It has been proven, placing your hands and feet can help you cool down! Or you can put some ice on your pulse points. Since the blood vessels in those areas are close to the skin surface, the cold water or ice will bring your body temp down much quicker.

9. Seal off the hottest rooms

If you want to know how to cool a house without electricity, you should also not let the extra heat in! There are always certain rooms in a home that are hotter than others — usually those with less insulation or more sun exposure.

Block them off by shutting doors and add an extra protection by placing a towel on the bottom, to seal them completely.

10.  Use water — in all the possible ways!

Water is literally our salvation when you need to keep yourself and your house cool during a heatwave. Here is what you can do:

  • Wet a bandana and place it on your head. The first place where the heatwave will strike is your brain!
  • Place a damp cloth on the window when you keep it open — the air will cool down when passing through the damp fabric.
  • Take a cold shower or even a cold bath if you are feeling very adventurous. It will help you get through the heat and rinse off the sweat.
  • Go swimming! If you have a chance, go to the nearest water source: lake, river, swimming pool for a refreshing dip.

Water is also our friend because it is the source of evaporative cooling — the healthiest way to stay cool in summer, especially when you have very little electricity access.

Evapolar — the best device to survive a heatwave without an air conditioner

Evapolar— evaCHILL works with evaporation. The bonus of evaporation is that you don’t need a window for exhausting hot air, all the magic happens behind the closed doors in the space you need to cool! You can cool down wherever you are during the heat.

You only need clean water and very little electricity to run the evaCHILL.

We have already covered this — it consumes 100x times less electricity than a basic portable air conditioner. Its lightweight and extended tank allows you to enjoy the coolness for up to 9 hours. It can be powered by a power bank, a laptop, or a power outlet.

The evaporative air cooler evaCHILL is designed for personal cooling. If you are looking to make your air cooler more efficient this summer — here are some electricity-free ways you can do so!

Remember to keep safe this summer! Stay cool, stay hydrated.