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Stay safe wherever you go

Meet evaPURE - the world's greatest breakthrough in sanitizing the air around you

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Kills 99% of tested bacteria and viruses in the air around you in less than 20 minutes

Powered by medical-grade Hydrogen Peroxide Evaporation technology and patented evaBREEZE® material inside

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Personal antibacterial air purifier and oxygenizer
About Product
evaPURE guarantees efficient, odorless disinfection of your personal space. Portable, with a built-in battery, it lasts up to 20h on one charge. Leakproof, compact as a coffee mug and lightweight (1lb), evaPURE can be taken anywhere, and is perfect for using in a car.
1 year warranty
Shipping worldwide
3% hydrogen peroxide solution is required (not included in the package).
Kills bacteria and viruses
Cleans Surfaces
Enriches air with oxygen
No ozone is emitted

All in the details

Technical specifications

No less than 5 V/0.5A
Up to 3 hours
20 hours
8.5 oz (250 ml)
Every 3-6 days
0.64 lb (290 g)
1.19 lb (540 g)
1.10 lb (500 g)
35 dB
3.2 x 3.2 x 6.8 inch/81 x 81 x 173 mm
Micro-USB cable


Evaporative cooling diagram


Evaporative cooling diagram

Why is the Hydrogen Peroxide Evaporation technology effective?

HEPA air purifiers only “trap” the harmful pollutants
evaPURE destroys the nanoparticles as nano as 0.01 microns

Unlike traditional HEPA air purifiers, which only “trap” the harmful pollutants, evaPURE destroys the nanoparticles as nano as 0.01 microns right in the air.evaPURE's purification effect is based on the direct evaporation of hydrogen peroxide. During the process hydrogen peroxide breaks down to oxygen ions and water molecules. As a result, millions of oxygen ions are emitted every second in the air, making the space clean in 20 min, and enriching the air with oxygen.

It's 100% safe for breathing and emits no ozone during the process. evaPURE is EPA registered and ETL listed.
100% safe for breathing
No-ozone is emitted
EPA registered
ETL certified


WorkTravelPublic places
Stay safe if someone is not feeling well next to you
Keep your personal space clean on the go
Get back out in the world safely

How to use evaPURE

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Charge your evaPURE using a USB cable until all the lights are on. Full charge takes 3 hours. When in charging mode, evaPURE consumes 5V/1A of energy. Once fully charged, you can unplug the USB and start using the device (20 hours on one charge).
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Fill the inner reservoir with 8.5 oz (250 ml) of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (not included in the package). Note: the maximum concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution allowed in evaPURE is 3%.
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Activate the evaporation mode by pressing the upper buttons. Sprayed oxygen ions kill 99% of tested bacteria and viruses, and enrich the air with oxygen.
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Hold the evaPURE 8 in (20 cm) above the surface and press the upper panel. For best sanizing effect, spray the surfaces evenly.
WarningDon't inhale the air directly from the working device (keep your face 6 in/15 cm away when evaPURE is on).

Unique evaBREEZE®material inside the cartridge

We use our patented evaBREEZE® material as an evaporative medium for evaPURE.

Our patented evaBREEZE® material is the evaporative medium in evaPURE cartridge. The technology demonstrates extremely efficient absorbing capacities thanks to the nanosize bazalt fibers and its porous structure. It creates a huge evaporation surface in a compact-size device. evaBREEZE® material evaporates the peroxide without destroying the fiber, safely delivering the active components into the air.

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evaPURE destroys the widest range of pollutants, including bacteria and viruses as nano as 1 microns

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Stenotrophomonas maltophiliaa gram-negative MDRO bacteria
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Staphylococcus Epidermisa gram-positive bacteria
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Phi6 Pseudomonas syringaephage-enveloped, RNA virus


How does evaPURE work?

evaPURE has two operation modes:
• Air disinfection mode. During evaporation hydrogen peroxide breaks down to oxygen ions and water molecules. Active oxygen ions destroy the bacteria nanoparticles and viruses as nano as 0.01 micron right in the air. Purification effect is the most effective in the 35 ft3 (1 m3) space.
• Surface disinfection mode. Hydrogen peroxide sanitizes surfaces and objects.
When used in evaporation mode, evaPURE additionally generates 1% of daily human oxygen consumption, which is just enough to compensate for a lower oxygen level in a busy room.

How efficient is evaPURE for disinfection?

evaPURE disinfects the air using medical-grade Hydrogen Peroxide Evaporation technology, used for industrial sanitizing premises. Unlike traditional HEPA air purifiers, which only “trap” the harmful pollutants, evaPURE destroys the nanoparticles right in the air.
Laboratory tests showed a decrease in the amount of microorganisms in the air by 99% in 20 minutes during evaPURE's operation in the 35 ft3 (1 m3) space.

Is it safe to use?

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most popular safe disinfectants. The vapor of hydrogen peroxide has low concentration which is safe for breathing. During evaporation it decomposes into water and oxygen ions which bring no harm and don't produce any ozone. Still, while using evaPURE you need to follow general precaution measures — don't drink it, don't spray it into the eyes, don't inhale the air directly from the working device.
evaPURE is EPA-registered and ETL-listed.

Will it work without hydrogen peroxide?

No, evaPURE is the kind of technology which provides the expected efficiency only with hydrogen peroxide inside the reservoir. You can buy a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution at your nearest pharmacy or on Amazon.

Can I use any other liquid disinfecting substances to fill the evaPURE's water tank?

No, we strongly recommend using ONLY 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with evaPURE.

What is the cartridge made of? Do I have to replace/ dry it?

evaPURE's cartridge contains the same non-organic basalt fibers as our evaporative coolers. evaBREEZE® looks like paper but in fact, it is a solid rock processed into a porous soft material. It is able to stay intact after long-term contact with water, and since evaPURE works with a hydrogen peroxide solution, we can say the cartridge is everlasting. You don't have to clean or dry it.

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