Clean and clear, just like your dream skin: in 2020 we’ve learned that we can’t predict absolutely anything. However, when have we ever been able to tell the future with 100% accuracy?


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Yet, we are all longing for some consistency in our lives. We can’t control what comes from the outside but we can definitely add some structure to our day-to-day life by some simple and effective resolutions.

Daily skincare steps are the special something we could use to improve our discipline and life! They are always available to us, whether we are spending our days at home or finally enjoying the sun on the terrasse. Let’s dive in!

1. Cut off sugar

There are 105 names of sugar known today and not a single one is good for the skin. Sugar has proven to be extremely addictive. Consumed on a regular basis, it contributes to inflammation, breaks down collagen, and ruins the elasticity. The best way to clear and glowing skin would be to get rid of it and replace it with healthy alternatives, such as fruit and berries. Cravings will pass and your skin will thank you.

2. Water

Yes, you’ve heard it all before — drinking water is good for you on all the possible levels. From better metabolism and elimination of toxins to hydrated and even skin, water is the miracle solution. It also contributes to kicking the sugar addiction. Very often our cravings simply come from being dehydrated. Get that phone tracker, drink those 8 glasses and you’ll be a new person in a month.

3. Get your beauty sleep

A healthy diet and exercise come with the third important ingredient: sleep. Recent studies show that you can actually sleep your skin younger. That is, given that you are getting the right amount of sleep for your circadian rhythms. To make sleep even healthier, you can get a portable air cooler for your bedroom — getting your beauty sleep in low temperatures is exceptionally good for your skin and its regeneration.

4. Hydrate from the outside

Speaking of hydration, it is not just the water intake that matters. Outside influences on your skin, such as dry air (especially with the heaters in winter), can cause cracking of the skin, dry lips, and premature wrinkles. EvaPolar air coolers have a little extra on top of the cooling function — they also humidify the air in the room. Read our guide on swamp coolers.

5. Quit smoking

Not that it needs precision but all the effort you invest into your skin, from proper skincare to last-generation devices, will be quickly wiped out by the effects of smoking. Cigarette toxins damage collagen and elastin, vital for our skin health. Your doctor can help you find the right way to kick the addiction.

6. Pick the right skin routine with a professional

Just like an air cooler, selecting the right skincare routine is a rare yet solid investment. Skin is the body’s largest organ. Even though they say ‘beauty is not skin deep’, beautiful skin is, indeed, deep. There is so much we don’t know about cell regeneration and all the processes in our skin. However, the right professional can help you widen the knowledge and get the routine that goes together with your biology and lifestyle.

7. Use SPF, everywhere and all the time

Whether you live in Australia or in Sweden, SPF is always a must. UV radiation even goes through the clouds, so don’t let the weather fool you. Another surprise: the amount of absorbed radiation doubles up with the snow! While it is not as obvious as with direct sunlight, even the smallest amount of UV will build up in the skin and induce premature aging.


8. Keep it cool

Low temperatures are nature’s gift to our skin. Cold air acts as a tonic, prevents the secretion of sebum, which means — fewer breakouts! In cold months you know when to get your dose of low temperatures. However, when it is warm, you can reach the same effect by simply pressing a button on your air cooler by EvaPolar. It is small, extremely efficient, and gets the job done anywhere. Your skin will thank you!

9. Eat healthy fats

Finally, the days of demonizing fats are behind us. Scientists agree that healthy natural fats are a remedy for our skin. Add oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, wild fish, and eggs to your daily meal plan. Good fats are good for you and your skin!

10.  Intermittent fasting = rejuvenation

If you have been online during the last year, chances are that you have heard of intermittent fasting (IF). One of the main perks of IF is autophagy — the process when the old cells are replaced by new cells during a fasting window. This concerns the skin too!

We strongly recommend you consult a doctor before introducing any change to your regimen.

11.  Food with antioxidants

Healthy nutrition goes hand in hand with glowing, hydrated skin. This is where antioxidants come into play. Antioxidants are the substances that remove or delay cell damage, skin included. For example, the most popular skin-friendly antioxidant is Vitamin C. It is also one of the most studied on the market!

Among foods with antioxidants, you can find blueberries, spinach (and other dark leafy vegetables), tomatoes, yellow and orange vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, squash), smart fats (see p. 9), Vitamin C rich foods (oranges, grapefruits, parsley). Focus on whole foods as well — eggs, nuts, and legumes help slow down the aging process.

12.  Alcohol

The silent killer of skin cells may help you have fun in the evening but it will suck the water out of your skin cells during the night. Alcohol causes dehydration and makes the wrinkles and the pores more visible. In the long run, your skin will lose elasticity and become duller.

Since alcohol consumption causes bloating, it stretches the skin as well and stretched skin means premature wrinkles. Among other side effects are rosacea and losing antioxidants.

Stopping alcohol will have a very positive effect on your skin! If you would like to keep a couple of glasses of wine per week, make sure you are drinking responsibly and you are always keeping hydrated.*

13.  Manage your stress levels

We all know that stress has an incredibly negative effect on our bodies from the inside. But what about the outside? When we are stressed, our body produces cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. This is when the body stops its capacity to retain water, causing dehydration, wrinkles, dullness, and dark spots.

From meditation to vitamins and proper rest, there are numerous ways to cope with stress. Your skin and mind will thank you!

14.  Pick the right nutritionist and do the tests

Sometimes we are just lacking a nutrient or a vitamin and we don’t know about it. Whether it is Vitamin D that we need due to the lack of sun or zinc to reduce inflammations, often it can be a professional who can help us get on the right track. Put an appointment with the right nutritionist on your ‘to do’ list and ask for a blood test to see whether your skin, hair, and nails are lacking something. Maybe that perfect glow is just one supplement away!

15.  Exercise

The benefits of regular exercising are obvious. Regular workouts also do miracles to your skin. Moving the body increases the blood flow, which helps nourish skin cells. This is how blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. Not only does it bring the good things but it also flushes away the bad things! Say goodbye to free radicals and waste products thanks to exercising, say hello to healthy skin.

16.  Do NOT touch your face

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends you only touch your face during washing and applying skincare or sunscreen, all of which HAS to be done with clean hands! Any other skin contact with your hands (especially unwashed) leads to bacteria spreading, clogged pores, and breakouts.

No matter how tempting that pimple may look, don’t squeeze it. Best case scenario — it will take forever to heal. Worst case — it will leave a scar. The further you keep your hands from your skin, the healthier it will be.

17.  Stay patient and consistent

Most likely, you won’t see many results if you cut out alcohol for a few days or if you apply a new face cream for one week. One thing that the skin (and our body in general!) likes, is a perfectly established, suitable, healthy routine. Give it some time and patience and your skin will thank you with a beautiful glow.


*Drink responsibly and please consult a specialist if you think you have a drinking problem.