A good air conditioner gets the job done quietly. Long gone are the days when massive machines used to produce decibels of noise while cooling our homes. Today you can easily choose the best and quietest portable AC unit and enjoy the chill breeze without any distractions. If you are also focusing on the size, you can start with our selection of the best smallest air conditioners.

Our research looked for the best quiet portable air conditioners in 2023, with the most impressive reviews, lowest decibels, and good cooling surface. We have picked the models under 60DBs, equivalent to the noise of a regular conversation between two people sitting not far from each other. Read also: How Long Do Portable Air Conditioners Last

Overview of 6 Quietest Portable Air Conditioners in a comparison chart— we will provide more details on each model below.



The most effective cooling device

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51 Db

6000 BTU

17.1 x 13.8 x 28.1 in

71 pounds

Starting at 357$

56 Db

12500 BTU

15.1 x 17.6 x 29.2 inches

71 pounds

Starting at 699$

50 Db

10000 BTU

L 19.9 × W 15.7 × H 34.7 in

64 pounds

Starting at 399$

52 Db

12000 BTU

17 x 29.5 x 16 inches

60 pounds

Starting at 582$

56 Db

8000 BTU

27.56 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches

55 pounds

Starting at 379$

49 Db

8000 BTU

11.8 x 15.4 x 30.4 inches

65 pounds

Starting at 309$

45-55 Db

Up to 2000 BTU

6.69 x 6.69 x 6.77 inches

1.66 pounds

Starting at 120$

1. Black Decker BPACT12WT

The Black Decker BPACT12WT cools, dehumidifies, and improves air circulation. In addition, this Black Decker model won't interrupt your sleep by offering immediate, uninterrupted comfort.

The installation kit includes:

-   Air exhaust hose

-   Hose inlet/outlet adapters

-   Window casement

-   Water drain hose

-   Owner's manual all included

  • Cooling Power — 80%. 6000 BTUs is enough to cool down a 300ft2 room with regular ceilings.
  • Portability — 90%. This model will do a great job as long as you place it in a room with a window. However, it can be too voluminous for small spaces, so make sure you size the device correctly.
  • Setup — 50%. You need to place the exhaust pipe in the window, which can be a disadvantage for the room's decoration. A few reviewers complain about the setup:

"The vent hose does not sit securely on the rear. Any tension with the hose, combined with the heat, causes the vent hose ring to warp and tilt away from the unit, creating a separation gap where the exhaust leaks out. The unit itself can't cool properly because of this fault".

  • Noise — 100%. For the 6000BTUs, this is one of the silent portable air conditioning units on the market.
  • Price — can vary based on the retailer.

Why you should get this Black Decker portable air conditioner model:

  • Low noise levels. This device has made it to the list of most quiet portable air conditioners in 2021 a few times. 51Db is the equivalent of a quiet conversation.
  • Relatively reasonable price. Many models with the same configuration and BTUs cost more.

Why you may want to hold off the purchase:

  • Design. If you are a visual person who is very sensitive about the décor, this particular model can be an eyesore.
  • Size. Given the dimensions, this is not an ideal device for the temporary cooling of small rooms.
  • Setup difficulties. Several reviewers complain about the challenges of adequately setting the hose in the window and electronic outlet requirements.

You can get it at Lowe's, starting at 357$.

2. De'Longhi 12500 BTU

On top of humidifying, air conditioning, and heating, the De'Longhi 12500 BTU model also works with Alexa and Google Home. In addition, you can operate the unit remotely.

The installation kit includes:

-   Portable Air Conditioner

-   Remote control

-   Window Kit

-   Instruction Manual & Quick Start Guide

-   2-Year Warranty

  • Cooling Power — 100%. 12500 BTUs is a good power for a medium-sized or a larger room.
  • Portability — 70%. With 71 pounds weight and 30 inches height, this is not exactly as light as a portable air cooler. However, as long as the room has a window, you can place it anywhere. Caster wheels and integrated handles allow you to move it quickly from room to room.
  • Setup — 50%. While the physical setup is easy, many users complain about having to install many different applications that don't work.

Detailed review about the setup:

To get this machine working with Alexa, you need a total of 3 different apps!

First, you have to get the Delonghi Pinguino App and update the system firmware. Second, you have to install the Smart Life App and the third app in the Alexa app. After you set the machine to work with Smart Life, the Pinguino app loses the machine. But you can still start the Pinguino app from the smart life app and control your machine from there (Confusing, I know!). If you use the Smart Life app to show details of the machine, it will display a firmware error. But don't worry, it will still work. Alexa finds the machine by installing a Smart Life skill. Alexa identifies the machine as a thermostat, and you can turn the machine on or off, set temperature targets, etc., with Alexa. Your Wi-Fi has to support 2.5ghz for any of this to work.

  • Noise — 100%. For the 12500BTUs, this is one of the silent portable air conditioning units on the market.

Review on the noise:

"Noise level same as other products in the market"

  • Price — 50%, can vary based on the retailer. However, this De'Longhi model is more expensive than other brands with the same criteria.

Why you should get this De'Longhi portable air conditioner model:

  • The cooling power and the noise level ratio make it one of the best quiet portable air conditioners
  • If you enjoy new hi-tech add-ons to known products

Why you may want to hold off the purchase:

  • This is not exactly a model for non-tech-friendly people or simply those who don't think that several applications are necessary to work with only one device
  • This model is more expensive than models with the same criteria in other brands.

You can get it on Amazon starting at 605$

3. Homelabs 10 000 BTU Low Noise Portable Air Conditioner

This 10,000 BTU quiet portable air conditioner was built for 100 to 250 sq ft rooms, according to Homelabs. Designed for easy transport, beating the heat from room to room is trouble-free!

The installation kit includes:

-   Remote Control

-   Hose

-   Touch control panel

  • Cooling Power — 100%. 12000 BTUs is the correct cooling power for a medium-sized room.
  • Portability — 80%. It is lighter than most models out there, with only 60 pounds. With rolling casters and recessed moving handles, maneuver this unit from one area or room to another. No heavy lifting is required.
  • Setup — 90%. Installation is quick and simple.
  • Noise — 100%. one of the top quietest portable air conditioners on the market. A healthy noise level of 50 dB won't cause distractions whether you're working, studying, watching TV, sleeping, etc. Also, if you are looking for an air conditioner specifically for office work, you may want to check out our selection of the best desktop air conditioners.
  • Price — 80%, can vary based on the retailer. You can also go for slightly more expensive models of the same brand with higher cooling power (14000 BTUs and higher)

Why you should get this Homelabs portable air conditioner model:

  • Easy to transport and to operate
  • Very healthy noise level of 50dB

Why you may want to hold off the purchase:

  • The design of the Homelabs 10000 BTU portable air conditioner is very industrial, so you might want to make sure whether it goes with your décor and preferences
  • It might not be powerful enough for one large room, so we recommend you check out how to size a portable air conditioner before picking the model

You can get it on Homelabs starting at 399$

4. Whynter Elite ARC-122DS 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

With three operational modes (air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier), this Whynter Elite air con is one of the quietest portable air conditioning unit models today. Key features of this portable AC are its compact size and dual-hose system for efficient space utilization and more efficient cooling. In addition, the Whynter ARC-122DS portable air conditioner is the ideal silent solution for the warm spots in your home, office, bedroom, or other separate room.

The installation kit includes:

-   Portable air conditioner

-   Remote control

-   Exhaust hose (extendable)

-   Window kit

  • Cooling Power — 100%. 12000 BTUs is very good cooling power for a separate medium-sized room.
  • Portability — 80%. Like the previous model, it is slightly lighter than most portable air conditioners at 60 pounds.
  • Setup — 90%. Installation is simple. Bonus: the Whynter Elite restarts automatically after a power outage.
  • Noise — 100%. Also one of the top quietest portable air conditioners on the market. The level of 52Db equals a regular quiet conversation, and the reviewers couldn't agree more:

Noise: The Whynter unit has virtually no compressor noise (humming/gurgling) compared to the previous unit; I cannot hear it unless I press my ear against the unit. Because there isn't much variation in just fan noise, I feel I could sleep comfortably with this unit with the low fan setting if needed in the bedroom.

  • Price — 70%. It usually starts at 600$, which puts it together with the more expensive models. However, you can often get it with a discount on Amazon.

Why you should get the Whynter Elite ARC-122DS 12,000 BTU model:

  • The New York Times Wirecutter named it "the most efficient and fastest cooling portable AC."
  • Really promising reviews on the noise levels

Why you may want to hold off the purchase:

  • Design. With the metal front and the black plastic back, it might not be an ideal solution for our deco-sensitive readers
  • Price. Without a discount, the price is 600+

Get it on Amazon starting at 414$ (discount at the time of publishing) today.

5. Pasapair 8000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

This AC combines three efficient functions for all of your cooling & ventilation needs with cool, fan, & dehumidifying modes all in one machine. It has also been recommended as one of the quietest portable air conditioners in 2021.

The installation kit includes:

-   Remote

-   Window Adapter

-   Thermostat

-   Air Filter

-   Grilles

-   Hose/Tubing

  • Cooling Power — 70%. 8000 BTUs is more suitable for a smaller room. It provides steady, fast, effective cooling for rooms up to 350 sq ft.
  • Portability — 90%. It is the lightest model in our selection! According to Pasapair, thiçs is a compact air conditioner (27.3x11.7x11.7inch) that fits in any corner
  • Setup — 90%. Installation is also very simple. Bonus: the removable and washable filter means easy maintenance
  • Noise — 90%. It is just a few Db above the rest of the selection. However, it is also one of the quietest portable air conditioner units.

Promising review:

"Noise level is fairly low - we can watch TV with this AC on, so that's nice ».

  • Price — 80%. Usually starts at 379$. However, you can often get it with a discount on Amazon.

Why you should get the Pasapair 8000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner:

  • It is one of the correct price/quality combos out there today.
  • Relatively small and portable compared to most devices

Why you may want to hold off the purchase:

  • If you need to cool a larger area. 8000BTUs is on the smaller room range

You can get it on Amazon for 265$ (discounted at the time of publishing)

6. TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The quietest portable ac unit in our selection, with only 49Db of noise. It also boasts a lower noise mode for the night, so if you are a light sleeper who likes it cold, pay attention to this model. This exact model also comes at 10000 BTU cooling power and has a dehumidifying option.

The installation kit includes:

-   Remote control

-   Exhaust hose

-   Internal pan for water after dehumidifying

  • Cooling Power — 60%. 8000 BTUs is enough for a small room — according to TOSOT, this portable air conditioner is suitable for rooms up to 300 sq ft.
  • Portability — 80%. Even slightly heavier, this unit is portable enough to be wheeled from room to room.
  • Setup — 100%. Installation is effortless, and it seems like TOSOT did its best to make the process smooth.

Promising review:

This product is great. My house does not have your typical windows. The window kit had different attachments to fit any window. It comes with everything from the foam to the attachments. Overall setup took 20 min, and immediately you feel the room cooling down.

  • Noise — 100%. It has the lowest noise in our selection of quietest portable air conditioner units and a silent mode for the night.
  • Price — 70%. The 8000 BTU model starts at 349$, making it slightly more expensive than other models in the same cooling range.

Why you should get the TOSOT 8000 BTU:

  • Very low noise levels and sleep mode

Why you may want to hold off the purchase:

  • If you are looking for an air conditioner for a larger area. 8000BTUs is on the smaller room range

You can get it on Amazon starting at 349.99$

Also, you can check our article How to Stay Cool at Night and Wake up Well-Rested

What to Look for When Buying a Quiet Portable AC

1. Performance

Check out the BTUs and make sure you are sizing the unit right. The cooling power of a specific AC model can be proportional to the noise, even though it's no longer the case for modern air conditioners.

2. Decibels

The Dbs will give you the best idea of how quiet the portable air conditioner is. Rule of thumb: go for models under 60 Db, with 55 being the equivalent of a conversation. Also, check out if an air conditioner has a quiet (sleep) mode, where the fan turns less and produces less noise.

3. Positioning of the device

Even the quietest air conditioner can become a nuisance if it's too close to you. So before you go with any type of model, make sure that it isn't in immediate proximity no matter what. The positioning will also depend on the size of the device.

4. Personal preferences

Is the noise more of a distraction when you are sleeping or trying to focus? Are you willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort as long as it is quiet? Did you make a choice because you know for sure air conditioners are good for you? It is up to you to decide!

If you don't own an HVAC, can't be bothered to install a window air conditioner, or if you don't feel like investing a few hundred into an air conditioner, we have the perfect solution for you!

7.     Evaporative air cooler by Evapolar

The cooling method differs between a portable air conditioner and an evaporative cooler. Air coolers use evaporation, making it a healthy and silent process. If we consider all the points we've clarified with portable ACs, let us see how this powerful evaporative device compares to the bigger cooling brothers.

  • Cooling power would be wrong to compare. Both ACs and air coolers use BTUs to measure the power. However, they serve a different cooling goal. Evaporative air coolers cool down your immediate surroundings within moments, while air conditioners focus on the whole room. So, if you are looking to cool down the entire area, you might go with an AC. However, if you need a personal cooling method, the air coolers will be more powerful.
  • Portability — 100%. You can place your Evapolar device anywhere and even take it on a trip. They are super lightweight and portable.
  • Noise – 100%. Somebody very into detail has reviewed the evaCHILL air cooler by Evapolar on Buzzfeed and measured the decibels directly. At the highest speed, the device produces less than 60Db, and it also doesn't generate a buzzing noise that most electrical appliances make.
  • Setup – 100%. There is nothing to say here since you only need to plug the device and direct the airflow at you with the help of the air grill. What makes it the best desktop air conditioner of choice
  • Price. Evaporative air coolers fall into a cheaper category (the Evapolar bestseller costs 119$), and they also require way less electricity than portable air conditioners. So stay cool and save in the long run.

As you can see, the only difference where the air coolers are less potent than portable air conditioners is the covered area of cooling since they use different cooling methods. However, they are quieter, cheaper, and way more portable than the rest. So if you are looking for the quietest portable air conditioner and want to cool down your personal space only, an evaporative air cooler is the best investment you can think of.

People also ask (FAQ):

1. Are portable air conditioners quiet?

Modern devices are quieter than previous generations. However, we recommend you always check out the decibels on the box. If the noise is a significant criterion for you, don't hesitate for the vendor to show you directly how it works to measure the decibels yourself if you are shopping in person.

2. What is the quietest portable air conditioner today?

There are models in the range of 45-55 decibels, which is as quiet as it gets. Of course, a device will still generate some noise. However, 45-55 decibels are next to regular white noise.

3. Does the air conditioner performance influence the noise?

Sometimes more powerful cooling systems generate more noise than the less powerful ones. However, the difference is less significant in modern devices.

4. Is an evaporative air cooler quieter than a portable air conditioner?

Some air conditioners are as quiet as portable air coolers. However, an evaporative air cooler is usually quieter than most AC models.

5. Is a quiet AC more expensive than a regular one?

Not necessarily because many criteria come into the price. However, designing a sleek and silent model is usually a more considerable investment than the known formula. If you are hesitant about the price, a portable air cooler costs at least three times less than an AC and is very quiet at the same time.