Is the Blaux portable ac any good? Choosing the right air cooler is always challenging — it depends on the living conditions, climate, space and personal needs.

Today we will review the Blaux portable air conditioner, reviews, cooling power, as well as possible alternatives and by the end of the article you will be able to decide whether this ac is the right choice for you.



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What is the Blaux portable air conditioner and how does it work?

Blaux Portable AC is a rechargeable desktop air cooler and an optional humidifier to provide you with relief during the hot days. It is a sure way to deal with the excess heat and the dry summer air. Blaux ACs come in different models — the most recent one is the BLAUX Portable AC G2.

Dimensions: 8.7 x 7.6 x 8.6 inches
Weight: 2.42 lb. (1.1 kg)
Speed modes: 3

How does the Blaux Portable AC work?

Don’t get it wrong, the Blaux Portable AC is an air cooler, not an air conditioner. So, instead of asking “how does Blaux portable air conditioner work”, we should be asking “how does Blaux portable air cooler work”.

Just like with most air coolers, Blaux uses evaporation for cooling. It uses the water in the water tank and then passes it through cooling pads, to provide you with cool, fresh air.

Blaux Portable AC — What do the customers say?

We went through the verified reviews from customers, to analyze how the Blaux Portable AC works, and what users find good (and not so good) about this model.

What users like:

  • Helps to get through hot flashes during menopause. Here is a very promising review from a very good husband (who also gets the difference between air coolers and air conditioners):

« Got this for my wife to help with her hot flashes. She absolutely loves it. Carries it with her everywhere. The battery charge lasts for quite a while. And it can be used as just a fan as well. This is not an actual a/c unit. It's an evaporative cooler. But it does produce a noticeable temperature difference to the surrounding air. All I know is if she is happy then I am happy too! »

  • Humidifying effect
  • Cute design and a functional handle to carry it around
  • The mist feature boosts the cooling effect
  • Very quick cooling effect as well

What users don’t like:

  • The misleading title. The “AC” part in the “Blaux Portable AC” has led many users to believe that they are purchasing an air conditioner. Blaux is an air cooler, and it uses evaporation for cooling, not air conditioning.
  • Low battery life. The device is said to last only up to 3 hours on low speed and full charge. One Blaux Portable AC review says:

“Full charge gets you 3 hours on low speed. No light. No humidifier. Just. The. Fan. On. Low.”

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The battery built into Blaux Portable AC is 2000 mAh, which is, indeed, a pretty low indicator for the world where you have portable batteries coming up to 20000 mAh.

  • Low cooling power. Several users also state that it works as a regular fan, not more.
  • The filter dries out too fast
  • High noise levels

Blaux Portable AC alternatives

Let us see which cooling devices can be a good alternative for the Blaux model, and, maybe even make up for what the users don’t like in the Blaux Portable AC.




Energy consumption

Noise level

Fan speeds


6.69 x 6.69 x 6.77 inches

1.65 lb


Under 50Db



17 x 29.5 x 16 inches

60 lb

1.06 kWh

52 Db

Adjustable programs

Starting at 582$

7.7 x 7 x 7.9 inch





Starting at 119$

8.14 x 8.54 x 7.24 inch

4 lb


Under 55Db

Adjustable speed modes


1. evaCHILL by Evapolar

When you turn on the Evapolar evaCHILL, you feel a cool breeze with a hint of humidity. It is ultraportable and light, so forget about the wheels and having to stick to one space to stay cool. Move it around easily, and direct the airflow towards you to make the best out of cooling.

evaCHILL is an excellent option to have at home — you can also still take it on vacation with you to always stay cool, wherever you are.

The water tank allows a continuous cool airflow for up to 8 hours — you can leave it on for the night and wake up well-rested and refreshed. evaCHILL runs on electricity, so you need to always have it connected to a power source. However, you can even plug it to your laptop or a portable battery, which makes it very easy to use! It consumes so little electricity that a regular portable battery will keep it running and running.


  • Price
  • Portability
  • Energy consumption (7W only, which is 100 less than an air con)
  • Minimalist, convenient design
  • Water tank can supply water for up to 8 hours of cooling
  • Whisper quiet


  • Is less efficient in humid conditions
  • Ideal for personal, targeted cooling, not for the whole room, which is the point of evaporative coolers. Evaporative air coolers mostly cool down the immediate personal space next to you.

2. Whynter Elite ARC – 122DS

With three operational modes (air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier), this Whynter Elite air con is another alternative to the Blaux Portable AC. It is compact and has a dual-hose set up, for more efficient cooling. Read also: New generation acoustic booths by Moonstera and Evapolar. Making work rhyme with comfort

In addition, the Whynter ARC-122DS portable air conditioner is the ideal solution for the warm spots in your home, office, bedroom, or other separate room.

The installation kit includes:

  • Portable air conditioner
  • Remote control
  • Exhaust hose (extendable)
  • Window kit


  • High Cooling power — 12000 BTUs is a good number for a medium-sized space
  • Easy Setup
  • Very low noise


  • Bulky
  • Some users complain about the not very aesthetic side of the hose setup
  • Price — an “all inclusive” model is around 600$

3. The HoMedics MyCHill Personal Space Cooler

Individual space cooler from HoMedics that can cool a person within a span of 4 feet, or 1.2 meters. It can lower the temperature by 7°C (12 F).

This unit just has two speeds; however, it is sufficiently successful to give you the cooling you need. The pointer highlight tells you when the tank is empty.


  • Portable
  • Low energy consumption (6W only)
  • Minimalist


  • Certain consumer reviews complain about the very low cooling power
  • Noisy

4.   evaSMART by Evapolar

Putting ‘fun’ in functional and ‘smart’ into air cooling! This powerful and smart air cooler has smart home integration, so it works with an app or a voice assistant.

Control the airflow even from afar.

The evaSMART comes in three colors: opaque white, stormy gray and coal black. Its minimalist design is perfect for any interior, and you can also take it anywhere thanks to its portability.

Set the airflow in your direction for the best cooling effect. If you want to make your air cooler more efficient — check out this article.


  • Portability
  • Energy consumption — 12.5 W
  • Minimalist, convenient design
  • Smart home integration
  • Water tank can supply water for up to 8 hours of cooling
  • evaSMART has a color playlist to suit your mood and the time of the day
  • Whisper quiet


  • Less efficient in humid conditions
  • Just like it’s brother evaCHILL above, it is ideal for personal, targeted cooling, not for the whole room, which is the point of evaporative coolers. Evaporative air coolers mostly cool down the immediate personal space next to you.

As you can see, models like evaSMART and evaCHILL deliver more when it comes to personal cooling than Blaux Portable AC. First, they both have a stronger cooling power. They also have one huge advantage — noise level. Evapolar air coolers are whisper quiet, so if noise is an issue for you, then the Blaux models are definitely not the best option.

FAQ (People also ask):

1. How does an evaporative air cooler work?

Evaporative coolers use the evaporation of water for cooling air. They take the outdoor air and pass it through a medium such as pads or cartridges like Evapolar. When the air goes through this pad / cartridge, the water on the surface evaporates and causes a drop in temperature.

2. Does an evaporative cooler like Blaux or Evapolar lower the temperature?

Yes, it lowers the temperature around you in your personal space. Evapolar air coolers can lower the temperature in your immediate area by 5 to 10 degrees, depending on the initial conditions. Blaux air coolers claim to lower it down by 7 degrees Celsius.

3. Do evaporative coolers really work or maybe it’s just false advertising?

If a swamp cooler is working in a place with low humidity, is appropriately positioned and correctly sized, it cools the air around you, and it does really work. You can also see here how to properly size your evaporative cooler.

4. What size of room will the Blaux AC cool?

It cools down your personal space, not the room.