If you are asking how long can a landlord leave you without air conditioning, you are most likely in a middle of a heatwave, sweating and your air conditioning unit is not working. Let us see what you can expect if your ac breaks.

The answer depends on the following factors:



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1. Is the air conditioning included in the lease?

In case the air conditioning is part of the lease, then it’s your landlord’s obligation to make sure it’s working. Make sure you go through the contract. Unfortunately, in many areas the AC is not considered a “habitability” matter, even in the hottest ones.

If the air con is part of the lease, then you should reach out to your landlord. Either the landlord has to send someone to repair the device, or you can agree on the ‘repair and deduct’ solution.

In any case, give a written hand-delivered notice. Once it has been received, the landlord usually has around 5 days (depends on the lease) to act upon it.

2. What are the laws regarding air conditioning where you live?

The relationship between you and your landlord is governed by the lease and the state or the country you live in. In the USA, more than 90% households have air conditioning today. However, while many cities in Canada, USA and Australia require heaters to be installed, most often there are no laws that mandate the air conditioners.

For example, in Arizona the law provides remedies that tenants may use when the air conditioning fails in the rented home. You will need to cross-check the rights guaranteed by the lease and by the laws of your state/city/country.

In case your landlord has to fix your air conditioning and you are waiting for the new one to arrive, here is what you can do while waiting to keep cool:

Invest in an evaporative air cooler

A portable evaporative air cooler is the easiest, most efficient and inexpensive way to comfortably wait for your AC to be fixed. Evapolar offers powerful cooling devices designed for your personal space, wherever you may need it! If the temperatures are too hot to handle, here is an article on how you can make your cooler more efficient.

Beat the heat and stay cool with super stylish air coolers. It is the best summer investment — you have zero installation fees, extremely low electricity consumption, and you can regulate the airflow the way you want. You are not limited to using them only when the AC is not working! You can take them on trips, use them in your next apartment or simply run them when you just feel like a fresh breeze, not a full-blown AC.

So, add water, plug it in and just chill with your Evapolar.

Unplug and switch off all the devices you don’t need

Appliances around the house generate a surprising amount of heat when they are simply plugged in? They also eat up the kilowatts without being used.

The good solution to keep you cool when waiting for your AC to be fixed is to make sure anything you don’t need is unplugged.

To make it even better, you can avoid using a dryer and hang your clothes up to dry. Also, wash your dishes by hand as well instead of using a dishwasher. Dryers and dishwashers generate a huge amount of heat!

Swap incandescent light bulbs for LED Bulbs

LED bulbs heat up less, and they can shave a few degrees off your home temperature. Even though they are more expensive up front, they'll save you money in the long run. LED bulbs use way less electricity — in some cases half as much as incandescent light bulbs.


Get some ice for your feet and hands

Keep cool during the heatwave by putting your hands or feet into ice-cold water. It has been proven that ice-water hand (or feet) immersion causes a reflex decrease in skin temperature all over your body!

Bonus: if you’ve been thinking about adding contrast or cold showers to your routine, waiting for your AC to be fixed is the best time to start!

Evapolar is the best way to wait for your AC to be fixed

You might even forget that you’ve been waiting for your AC to arrive / to be fixed because Evapolar air coolers are so efficient and powerful!

evaLIGHTplus by Evapolar

The evaLIGHTplus is comes with a removable water tank, which evaporates, humidifies, and cools down the temperature by to 9-25 degrees F (5-14 degrees С). You can adjust the temperature with the control wheel, direct the airflow at you and workout, focus on your work or just chill. The unit is also powered by a power bank or through a PC or socket.

evaCHILL by Evapolar

Best affordable portable evaporative air cooler out there to keep you company when your AC has failed you. The combination of cooling power, efficiency and electricity consumption in Evapolar devices is unbeatable — you might see a huge positive difference on your energy bill as well!

It can run up to 9 hours uninterrupted on a full tank of water. On top of its cooling capacities, it also purifies and humidifies the air.

Whichever option you choose, don’t forget about the hot weather safety tips — here is a full list.

People also ask (FAQ):

1. Is a broken AC an emergency?

Most of the times a broken AC is not considered an emergency. However, if your lease stipulates that a functioning AC is included into your rental, your landlord is required to fix the issue asap.

2. Can I install an AC in my rental?

You will need to check with the landlord and your lease on this one. If ever installing an AC is not allowed in your building, you can always use an evaporative air cooler to keep cool.

3. Can I use an air cooler and an AC together?

It is even recommended to use them both! First, they serve completely different cooling needs. Second, each