How to make your brain cooler, one degree at a time?

Imagine your brain functioning better and better every day. You don’t need to make any extra effort or follow an excruciating routine. You just create a perfect environment to stimulate its natural capacities and your biology does the rest.

What if we told you it is as easy as lowering down the outside temperature by just a few degrees?

Too good to be true? Let us break it down with some science-based facts. Who knows, maybe this little change is just the one last right addition you need for a great routine and work-friendly environment.


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1. It is all about science

Our body needs more energy to cool down than to warm up. It is simple physics. Our brain’s direct job is to regulate the body’s temperature. To cool down or to warm up, the brain will burn glucose, which is also the power for the brain. Since cooling down is a more energy-consuming process, the brain will use up more glucose and make worse decisions as a result. This probably brings back memories of a paralyzing hot day in summer when you felt like your brain was melting and you could barely function. That was the day your body burnt up its glucose on cooling down.

Keep it in mind for business and work trips! When you travel abroad to a warmer country, your system will start acclimatizing to a new temperature. Especially if you come from a colder country, your body will work so hard that your decision-making process will be more challenging. If you want to make sure you are at your best functioning capacity when you are traveling for work — take a portable air cooler with you and save up on that precious glucose for negotiations.

2. Winter is not as depressing as they make it seem

Short days, grey skies, seasonal depression, sluggishness. What if in reality the scientific facts behind the cold time of the year are more reassuring? The problem with winter isn’t the temperature, it is less exposure to natural light and vitamin D. The degrees actually can make our mental functions go up in winter for a few reasons.

Think about it. When you say “freshen up”, what comes to mind? Most likely, it is cool water and not lava-like temperature. Your cognitive functions go up when the degrees go down. There was an experiment published in Scientific American on what type of decisions people make based on the weather. The research showed that cognitive functions and decision-making actually improved in colder surroundings.

3. Lower temperature = higher focus

As promising as low temperatures already sound for your brain, one can’t deny that in winter your body does go into an energy-saving mode. How could that be good news for the brain? The answer is: focus. When your system saves energy for main activities, it means it doesn’t have attention for meaningless shallow things. Same goes for your brain — your focus is sharp, fresh and crispy, just like the air surrounding it. All the energy goes to one specific task and we have cold to thank for that. Struggling with a deadline? Turn on an air cooler or open your window and see how your focus drifts to one task. Magic? Science!


4. Healthy sleep = healthy brain

Yes, you have heard it before — the better you recover, the better your brain works. It is not only depth and duration of your sleep that result in its high quality but also the conditions. First, you need to surround yourself with complete darkness and silence. Thick curtains or a face mask plus earplugs will do the trick. Even the small light on your internet router can interfere with the melatonin produced in your body. Just like with working out, your muscles grow during recovery and your brain gets more powerful during rest.

You can enhance the magical effect of deep sleep by sleeping in a cold room. Getting your beauty and brain rest in a cold room can not only improve your sleep quality but also help you with insomnia. Low temperatures increase melatonin levels. There is nothing like long, quality uninterrupted sleep to make sure your brain is good to go for the next working day and beyond. Good sleep has a cumulative effect and your neurons will thank you when you are older. Melatonin is also an anti-aging hormone. They call it “beauty sleep” for a reason. If you use an evaporative air cooler to freshen up your personal space, it also partially works as an air humidifier, so win-win for your skin!

5. Making your brain happy again

When we were younger, the world seemed bigger, the opportunities felt endless and we were less exposed to the negativity of the outside world. With the never-ending news on pandemics, attacks, elections and the global uncertainty, we have lost touch with out serotonin. This natural mood-enhancer hormone is what melatonin is made of! Both of these hormones together will make you feel … happier. Isn’t that what we all need now?

What are the easiest ways to get the right low temperature to improve your brain functioning?

·   You can open the window. This is a limiting option in summer, or at night when the temperature lows can be unpredictable. Don’t get us wrong, the fresh air is always good for you and you MUST aerate your place. However, outside noises are not your friend for concentration.

·   Get air conditioning. You can regulate the temperature any time of the year. Unfortunately, some apartments come without air con. They can also be bulky, noisy and there is a reason why people fall sick because of these devices: the change in temperature can be drastic and unnatural!

·   Get a fan. Noise aside, if it is too hot, the fan will simply keep blowing dry hot air around. Sleeping with a fan on can be challenging too and add up to your electricity bill.

·   Get an evaporative air cooler. Now we are talking! One click on the device button and all the problems are solved. Air cooler uses the most natural process for cooling down — evaporation, just like humans, animals and plants. It has zero downsides of the above-mentioned options.

Being the eco-friendliest solution on the market, you will not see a difference in your energy bill. It is silent, powerful and it guarantees just the right temperature for your brain, wherever you are. Evapolar devices are so small (and good things come in small packages!) that you can travel with them and forget about the radical freezing air conditioners. The air cooler produces zero noise and you will hardly notice it working.

However… You are very likely to notice the unbeatable effect it has on your energy, functioning and your brain! Adjusting to a colder temperature is another thing, people have a tendency to go into energy-saving mode and put on extra layers of clothes in the winter. With Evapolar devices this change will be so smooth, you will be wondering how you managed to work in a warmer office before! This small investment will be a life-changer for your productivity and we see it making its way into the biohacking world.