Skin hydration is a complex challenge that goes way beyond finding the right moisturizer and drinking enough water. To keep skin looking young and wrinkle-free, both inside and outside hydration have to be a part of the daily routine. The good news is that thanks to the new technologies and progress, these procedures can be automatic, pleasant, and non-time-consuming.

Let’s dive into that glass of fresh water and start learning how to hydrate the body from inside.



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Let’s dive into that glass of fresh water and begin.

10 Best Ways to Hydrate Your Skin

1. Change your pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are there to make your beauty sleep just the way it’s supposed to be — beautiful. First of all, silk is way less absorbent than cotton. It doesn’t suck out the water from your skin and from your hair. Second, the smooth structure of the silk prevents skin creasing and wrinkling. The OprahMag came up with the best selection of silk pillowcases: one small investment, one big deal for your skin.

2. Eat your water!

Do you mind if we don’t give you yet another speech on the importance of clean water for your skin? You have heard it all before and we have already covered it in our previous article! This time we suggest you add foods rich in water to your nutrition program. Cucumbers, strawberries, grapefruits, and oranges are full of natural juice that will replenish those cells in a heartbeat.

Bonus: citrus fruits also contain a lot of Vitamin C, which is a wonderful antioxidant for the skin as well. All this will help in moisturizing your skin from the outside, and especially from the inside.

3. Avoid hot showers

As tempting as the idea of a shower as hot as a thousand suns might seem in winter, it is a very bad idea for your skin. Hot water dries out and irritates your skin because it flushes out collagen — our main material for skin elasticity. We understand that ice-cold showers may sound like a very extreme solution! Go for a lukewarm one and your skin will thank you.

Bonus: the less hot water you use, the better it is for the planet and your energy bill!

4. But don’t avoid moisturizers…

Applying a moisturizer right after a shower, a bath, or washing your face is the best strategy. Not only it feels amazing but a lotion will also help absorb the extra water left on your skin. For those dealing with excessive dryness, make sure you don’t just go with a simple over-the-counter moisturizer but that you actually consult a specialist to see whether there is a more important issue going on. Sometimes flaky, dry skin can be caused by internal issues we are completely unaware of. Therefore, answering the question of how to hydrate your face skin and the whole body, the answer is unequivocal - apply a moisturizer immediately after a shower.

5. Avoid hot but stay cool!

As we said above, hot air and hot water will only contribute to your skin’s dryness. The perfect antidote is, you may have guessed, cool water and temperature. Moderately cool conditions are extremely beneficial for the skin because they normalize the blood flow, reduce sebum production and help avoid acne. How would you guarantee this temperature without going into extreme negative degrees?

6. Invest in an air cooler!

Cold is not cool! Very low temperature is not good for the skin either — dry cold weather is known to have an awful effect on the skin. At Evapolar we have created the perfect air cooler with an ideal temperature and humidification level. When it comes to a magical solution to hydrate your skin from the outside once and for all, Evapolar air coolers are as close as it gets to magic.

Turn it on, adjust the temperature and let it take care of your skin while you can focus on something else.

7. Add hyaluronic acid to your supplements

There are two types of hyaluronic acid: the one that you get with supplements and the one that goes into the moisturizers. While both are excellent, we will focus on the one that you can add to your nutrition plan.

Hyaluronic acid supplements allow your skin to retain moisture from the inside, giving it a glowing and plumping effect. What is the secret? Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! Based on your age and skin condition a specialist will help you pick up the correct dosage.


8. Take a look at hydrating sleeping masks

When we sleep, our body skin goes into an intense recovery process. This is why the night creams usually give a different texture compared to new ones.

We strongly recommend following a proper bedtime routine, and adding a sleeping mask would be like doubling the ‘beauty’ in the ‘beauty sleep’. The overnight masks help restore the complexion, give you a glow for the morning (who doesn’t want that?), and provide deep hydration. To hydrate your dry skin you might want to start with LaNeige — the bestseller with excellent reviews.

9. Eat healthy fats and Omegas

We have mentioned in our previous skincare article that good fats are good for your skin! Incorporate healthy amounts of salmon, eggs, nuts, and oils into your regimen for the most natural inside hydration.

Omegas that are present in certain foods and are also available in form of supplements balance out the hydration and soften dry skin. According to the latest research, it is a building process — most of us will see a result in about 12 weeks after starting the treatment. Steady effort = steady results. Read more: How to Make Your Living Space More Pet-Friendly

10. Stay away from alcohol* and caffeine

Tasty, awakening, fun … and very dehydrating. Can’t we just have nice things? Unfortunately, both alcohol and caffeine, especially when consumed in large amounts, have a tendency to drag out all the water from your cells. This explains why you are craving water after a third coffee or the day after a big party.

To make sure all the effort towards your skin doesn’t go unnoticed, and still to have a little bit of fun, follow up any coffee cup or a glass of wine with a glass of water. It goes without saying that you should NEVER increase the recommended daily consumption, water or not.

We also would like to remind you that the top level of your skin renews every two weeks, so it might take some time for you to see the results. Water is the driving force of nature. Thankfully, today we can boost the driving speed towards a perfect complexion with healthy supplements, advanced technology, and all the available information.

*Please make sure you consult a specialist if you think you have a drinking problem. Alcohol is dangerous for your health and safety.