No windows? No problem! Whether you are furnishing a basement, a closed office, a small room, or a new workshop studio, you might be wondering how to cool off a room with no windows. Indeed, windowless spaces come with a few requirements if you want to make them healthy and comfortable.



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One of these requirements is the proper temperature.

So how do you cooling a windowless room? We have selected the most popular and efficient best ways to cool a room with no windows.

1. Portable air conditioner

To get some cool air into your space, you can go for a portable air conditioner for a room with no windows.

In this case, there is one critical condition: make sure that the portable air conditioner for a windowless environment. Most portable AC models come with an exhaust pipe to remove the hot air through the window.

Portable ac for a room without windows usually costs more than a regular portable model, and it uses a different cooling method — evaporation or swamp cooling. For example, if you are looking to cool your personal space in a room without windows, we recommend using an evaporative air cooler as the best way to cool a room with no windows.


  • You can quickly move around the portable air conditioner in between the different rooms of your place
  • Ideal for rentals and temporary housing


  • You need a specific model for a windowless space which can be more expensive

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2. Floor fan with ice

Old school, yet efficient. On its own, a fan won't do much for cooling a room without windows because it will only move around the hot air already present in the room. However, you can upgrade it by placing ice in front of it, which will decrease the temperature of the air.

We understand how it can be a hassle! Getting the proper amount of ice, getting rid of the melting water, getting the ice again, etc., can become a never-ending cycle!

The evaporative air-cooling method is close to the "fan plus ice" combo. Except for, you simply need an air cooler and water inside the tank.


  • Good temporary solution
  • Low price


  • This cooling method can be a hassle

3. Through-the-wall air conditioner

As you may have guessed, a through-the-wall air conditioner is installed through the wall and not through the window, which makes it great for cooling a windowless room. You seamlessly install it via a sleeve mounted inside the wall.

While they are one of the most efficient ideas of ac for rooms without windows, you can immediately see the difference in the price — due to the installation fees and the type of the ac.


  • An efficient way to air condition a room with no windows


  • Unit and installation price
  • It doesn't suit rentals if the landlord doesn't agree to install an ac for rooms without windows

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4. Ductless air conditioner

The ductless system links individual rooms to the central outdoor compressor. The system itself consists of the outdoor unit and numerous indoor units. So, if you are looking for a ductless air conditioner for a room with no windows, the prerequisite is having a system installed for the whole house. Then, you can mount a ductless ac to cool a room without windows.

As you can imagine, this is not the cheapest way to cool a room. A proper ductless system will cost you $5,000 to $28,000, with $12,348 being the average cost.

Also, if the room is relatively small, it is easy to get the sizing wrong, and you may end up installing a model which is way too strong for a little space. We have covered the correct AC sizing in one of our recent articles, so that you can decide on the size while you research how to put the AC in the room without windows.


  • Efficient cooling for the room without windows


  • Unit and installation price
  • Requires work that may not be suitable for rentals

5. Ceiling fan

You can opt for a ceiling fan to avoid installing an AC in a room without a window. It is a less modern solution than ductless or portable ac units. If you live in a sweltering area, a ceiling fan will help the air circulate within the room. However, it won't decrease the temperature.

Whether ceiling- or floor-mounted, devices like fans might not do the job entirely if the initial temperature is already high. To ventilate the room, make sure you keep the doors open when the fan is working for proper air flow between the house's rooms. Read more about: What’s the Best Fan for Sleeping?

6. Evaporative air cooler

If you only need to cool down your personal space in your windowless room, an evaporative air cooler will be even better than an AC for a room with no windows. Then, you can simply direct the airflow at you and work out, create, chill or enjoy the gentle breeze when you need to focus.

Swamp coolers like Evapolar do a perfect job in cooling the space around you without wasting the energy on the whole room. Even though evaporative coolers can't cool down the entire room, there are several tricks you can use to increase their efficiency and make the best out of these small, powerful devices.


  • One of the cheapest ways to bring fresh air into a windowless space
  • You can move the air cooler in between different rooms
  • Energy-efficient


  • If you want to fully ac a room with no windows, an evaporative air cooler will only care about the area around you, not the whole room.

A room without windows requires ventilation, correct humidity levels, air circulation, and a relatively low temperature. Disregarding these requirements can lead to mold appearance and bacteria growth. In addition, stale, warm air is never good for functioning, regardless of how you plan to use the room. Read also: Top 4 Best Dog House Air Conditioners

Your final decision on how to cool a room with no windows will depend on the following factors:

  • Room size. You need to consider various criteria when you pick your cooling solution.
  • How you will be using the room. If it is a workshop where you will be doing physical work for several hours, you will need a more potent windowless air conditioner than a room where you plan to chill from time to time simply.
  • Humidity. Specific cooling devices work best when dry, while others can handle high humidity levels.
  • Energy. If you want to not overspend on electricity bills, you can go with energy-saving models like evaporative air coolers.
  • Personal temperature requirements. Do you like it freezing, or do you like it cool? Then, you can either go with an AC to cool down the whole room or choose a personal cooling method like a swamp cooler.

People also ask (FAQ):

1. Can an AC work without a window?

Yes, it depends on the air conditioner model. You can go for a ductless addition to your existing system or a portable cooler designed for windowless spaces.

2. What is the best air cooler for a room without a window?

Evapolar air coolers are exceptional for personal cooling, wherever you are. Unlike most air conditioner models, you don't need a window to exhaust hot air.

3. Can I use an AC for a basement with no windows?

Yes, ductless models and wall-mounted air conditioners will cool a basement with no windows.

4. What is the cheapest way to cool a windowless room?

Evaporative air coolers are the cheapest for initial investment and energy use. In addition, since they only cool down the personal space, they use the energy most efficiently.

5. Can you have an AC unit without a window?

Yes, you can. However, you are limited in the choice of models, and the ACs for windowless rooms are more expensive than classic models.