A lot of people would agree that sleeping is one of the most enjoyable activities nature bestowed on living things and if you’re not one of them, sleep is still pretty crucial. We don’t know why yet but it is necessary for your body to rest in order to function properly. And to have a good six to eight hours of slumber, the right heat and noise pollution levels should be observed.


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Sleeping in a hot room can be very uncomfortable and frustrating. One of the options you have to solve this problem is buying a fan to sleep at night. A fan creates noise and sounds. The human brain still recognizes sounds while a person is sleeping, and this can lead to restlessness and low sleep quality. But, with the right kind of noise, one can enjoy their sleep. This is where the white noise effect comes in, which is a combination of frequency sounds at different levels.

So let’s dive right in and discuss everything about selecting a silent room fan for sleeping and what you need to consider, including its efficiency and noise level.

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What Happens at Night, Drags into the Day

Hard to Sleep When It's Hot

A study published in Science Advances shows that there is a correlation between historical heat dada and reported lack of sleep. There’s also better reported quality of sleep in cities with lower pollution of noise and more air conditioning. Simply put, a quiet cool area is better for your slumber.

This links to the physiological processes — your body not only relaxes before a shut eye, but also needs to cool down. Taking a cool shower can even work as a trigger for sleep but it doesn’t last long if your room exudes heat. Which brings us to choosing a device that helps you during the night.

White noise is usually recommended for anyone that has sleep troubles. A popular example of white noise is a whirring fan, as the right kind of fan can produce the right frequency to put you to sleep. Other white noises include television or radio static, a humming air conditioner or a hissing radiator.

Apart from white noise sounds, many people go for pink noises or no noise at all, but the best sound to help one fall asleep is white noise. Rather than buying a fan for white noise, a fan can produce the right sounds. Read also: How to cool small room without AC

Top 3 Factors in Choosing a Non-Loud Fan for Sleeping

factors in choosing the best quiet fans for sleeping
Factors in Choosing the Best Fans for Sleeping

There are several factors to consider when choosing a quiet fan to sleep at night. You want one that will deliver maximum results without compromising it with unwanted noise. You also want a fan with the right size to fit in your preferred space. Below, we will dissect the factors you should look out for when making your choice:

1. Effectiveness

A fan’s effectiveness relates to the speed with which it forces air circulation and delivers cool air. It’s also worth mentioning right away that you can’t expect a temperature drop when using a fan but it contributes to moisture evaporation; thus, in certain circumstances the weather might feel more bearable. Those circumstances being extremely humid climates.

  • In a dry and hot climate, fans simply don’t work. In that case, you would need an agent such as water to aid the cooling process or check out with other safety tips in the hot weather.
  • In a humid climate sleeping fans reserve a good level of effectiveness. They help vaporize your sweat
  • You also have to consider the white noise emitted by the fan when looking at its effectiveness. The fan should not give out loud or disturbing noises that can disrupt sleep, or it loses its effectiveness. Instead, it should give out white noise for more comfortable nights.

2. Size

While performance is great, you also want the quietest fans for sleeping that can fit on your bedside desk or table. If you want the cooling sensation nearer to you, you’ll definitely want to place it closer to your bed. You may want to have it a little bit distant too. Either way, you should go with a fan that its size can complement its performance.

A box fan for sleeping

For instance, a desktop sleeping fan is sizable and can function near your bed. Like the name suggests, it is a fan you can simply place on your desk. It is compact and can deliver the right coolness by staying very close to you. With this, you’re assured of having a sound sleep devoid of even the slightest form of heat.

Box fan

Ceiling fan for sleeping

There is also the ceiling fan, which is installed in the ceiling, as the name implies. Ceiling fans offer advantages and disadvantages, depending on your situation and what you want to enjoy. For one, ceiling fans don’t take up any space in a room since they are installed in the ceiling. Those that have small rooms usually go for ceiling fans. On the other hand, ceiling fans are inflexible. If you’re moving from one side to the other, you can’t change the position of the fan. The fan might not reach some spots in the room.

Ceiling fans don’t give out any noise, so if you’re looking for white noise, this won’t be the right fan for you. They are so quiet, many might forget that they are even in the room. Ceiling fans also don’t require any supervision and can be left on for a long time.

Desktop fans for sleeping

Desktop Fan

Also, there’s the box fan, which is also portable and can be moved around in your home. It comes with a handle which makes transport easier.

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Tower fan for sleeping

Then, we have a stand or tower fan for sleeping. Like its name also suggests, it stands erect and towers over the room. This kind of fan is expected to have the power to blow enough air to circulate the room. It should be able to compensate for the distance which is an important factor to look out for when making this choice.

Consequently, you should choose the noise-canseling fan for sleeping or the best silent fan with a size that satisfies your preference, either close to you or distant from you. Whatever your choice is, it should be very effective and not compromise performance.

Tower Fan

Floor fan for sleeping

The name says it all: a floor fan is meant to be placed on the floor. They are designed to be placed on the floor, and since they are portable, you can move them from one place to another. Floor fans are well-liked because they can improve the ventilation in the room from the floor level, and they usually have an oscillation feature that offers broad coverage up to 180 degrees.

Floor fans don’t need any installation, which makes it convenient to use them. They also save space, making them ideal for all types of rooms, regardless of the size. Floor fans are also highly effective. You can purchase a floor fan depending on whether you want it to make noise or not. Some fans are designed to produce white noise while others are not.

3. Noise

Noise can be very annoying and frustrating. In fact, it is one of the worst things you want around you when you’re sleeping or gearing up to sleep. Waking up in the middle of your sleep due to noise is one of the worst feelings ever. Noise distracts the brain and doesn’t allow it to coordinate sleep like it should. Hence, noise compromises your plan of a sound sleep during your leisure.

White noise can solve the problem of low-quality sleep caused by other noises. White noise is any type of noise that can cover up other sounds that occur in an environment. The noises can block out loud ones like traffic, and they can also help the listener fall asleep. Most people that sleep in the city require white noise for a comfortable sleep.

There are different white noise fans that people purchase to help them sleep. These give them different kinds of noises like whirring fans or a humming air conditioner.

Instead of purchasing a white noise machine, others buy fans to sleep with that produce white noise. Different kinds of fans produce a combination of low, medium and high frequencies to help you sleep, all while offering you enough coolness for a good night’s rest.

Several fans produce sound of 30dB to 70dB when operating. However, a guideline from the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends under 40dB as safe for people. But some people are surely more sensitive to sound which might make them require much lower to have an uncompromised sleep. So at the end of the day, the noise level you want will come down to your own preference.

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Evapolar – An Awesome Alternative to Sleeping with a Fan

Evapolar Air Cooler - the best fan for sleeping

Without any doubt, sleeping in an overheated room births a terrible feeling, and so is sleeping in a noisy room. When you go to the market to purchase a portable air cooler, you want a device that can make your sleep comfortable, not complicate it more.

Impressively, the Evapolar device is made to cool you off efficiently while delivering an almost silent performance. Do you live in a dry or moderately humid climate? Trust us, you can bank on an Evapolar device to provide an effective alternative to an air conditioner.

In fact, when placed beside other air coolers, it has an unfair advantage over them with the patented evaBreeze® material it is made of. EvaBreeze nanostructure, a non-organic material, will provide the perfect surface needed for evaporation. Hence, you will get the ultimate cooling effect from the Evapolar device without spread of bacteria or mold.

Below, we are going to discuss the major benefits of this magnificent and hardworking device that make it an awesome alternative:

  • Powerful Cooling Effect

Evapolar is a personal air cooler based on the “evaporative cooling” technology. As a result, while it evaporates, water will cool the air around it. This is a sharp contrast to air conditioners that use refrigerant gases to operate. It doesn’t use Freon-like liquids, making it an eco-friendly technology. With water, Evapolar can cool you down up to 33 square feet or 3,5 square meters while decreasing the room temperature by 7-10 °C/50° F. Hence, you are left to enjoy a nice and cool sleep.

  • Compact parameters

Evapolar is quite compact and portable and can easily fit close to your bed. You can place it on your bedside desk and sleep your stress away like a baby. Also, it’s quite easy to transport thanks to its compactness and portability. Therefore, this mini air cooler can also be useful in your office and blow some cool air on while you work.

  • Low Noise Pollution

Evapolar makes considerable low noise and is almost silent to even the most sensitive persons. It even produces white noise. If you purchase the one that produces white noise, you can enjoy a better night's rest. Hence, it can help you relax and fall asleep much easily. Unlike some air coolers do, you’re guaranteed this air cooler won’t cut your sleep short or mess with your daily routine. With this device, you have the ultimate quiet cooling unit for the bedroom.

  • Humidifier and Purifier

This device can effectively humidify the air around your room. While it’s not an absolute substitute for a humidifier, it can hold its own in humidifying the air to a satisfactory level. Unlike some basic air coolers, it also purifies the air to make it safer for breathing while you enjoy a comfortable sleep.

  • Energy-saving

It can operate with low electric voltage, consuming considerable low energy in the process. Evapolar will help you save on electric bills, while delivering efficient service.

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Wrap Up

Sleep should be a very comfortable exercise and all conditions around you should support it. Heat and noise have always proven to be major restraints in achieving a smooth sleep. However, fans are available to deliver the needed cooling effects to quell heat. Acquiring the best fan for sleeping is a major step towards enjoying an amazing sleep.

It is also important not to create the problem of noise while you solve the problem of heat which is why the Evapolar device is an impressive alternative. It enhances room coolness, produces white noise while also consuming low energy.