A swamp cooler can substitute an air conditioner on many occasions. These two devices can also become a powerful combination for effective cooling hot days.



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Can you use a swamp cooler and an AC at the same time?

Absolutely! There are a few things to keep in mind to make this combo even more efficient.

To see how these two devices can complement each other and to see how to use a swamp cooler and an air conditioner together, let us break down how they work.

1.   Swamp coolers

Also known as evaporative air coolers, swamp coolers use the evaporation of water for the cooling effect. The device takes the warmth from the outside, puts it through evaporative cooling pads and exhaust chilled air.

The word "swamp" may refer to the wetland smell the first swamp coolers produced, but stay assured — the smell is no longer there in modern devices.

2.   Air conditioners

There are many types of air conditioners (HVAC, ocean breeze portable air conditioners, etc.), and the principle of their work is the same. The device removes the warm air from the inside of the house and pumps it out outside, and it releases the cool air indoors.

The difference between a swamp cooler and an evaporative air conditioner lies in their cooling method, the area they cover, how much electricity they use, and how much space the device takes itself. The evaporative air coolers are smaller and more compact than ACs. Read also: The Best Mini Air Conditioner

How and When Should You Use a Swamp Cooler and an AC Together

1.   If you need to cool down a different space

If you own a window-mounted air conditioner, its cooling effects are generally limited to one room. However, in case you want to work/work out/chill in a different room where there is no AC, you can have an air conditioner and an evaporative cooler at the same time.

2.   If you don't want to freeze the whole room

On days when you need simply a fresh ocean breeze, without turning down the thermostat for the whole room, an evaporative air cooler will do just the job for you.


3.   If you want to save on electricity

Swamp coolers use way less energy than air conditioners. If, for instance, you rent a place where an AC has already been installed, but you are into more energy-saving and eco-friendly cooling methods, you can add a swamp cooler to your home.

4.   If you and your partner have different temperature preferences

Using a swamp cooler with air conditioning has become a lifesaver for couples with different temperature preferences. For example, if you like it cold, but your partner dresses up in layers with the lightest breeze, you no longer need to freeze your beloved by turning on the AC. Instead, simply cool down your personal space with an air swamp cooler when you need it. In this scenario, evaporative cooling and air conditioning make a perfect combination for those with different needs.


You shouldn't be using a swamp cooler if you want to add to the efficiency of the air-con. Running an evaporative cooler and air conditioner together will not make the room colder than the temperature set on the AC.

You need to properly size the AC for the room and check the British Thermal Units (BTUs) to guarantee that it covers the room you want to cool down – this is how you effectively reach the desired temperature.

As you can see, evaporative cooling and air conditioning can be good friends when used correctly. So how do you make sure your swamp cooler and air conditioner are a perfect match? You take your time to pick the best device.

Evapolar — the best portable evaporative device for your personal cooling.

Experts in personal cooling since 2015, Evapolar engineers have created the ultimate portable cooler, which allows you to cool down your personal space. Using a swamp cooler with air conditioning when you own an Evapolar device is like adding a unique, needed spice to your dish — it doesn't change much globally, but it adds an extra touch to your comfort — the reviewers from Gadget User agree with us as well!

  • An Evapolar air cooler is portable, and you can use it in the room without an air-con
  • It is perfect if you want to save on electricity; the most potent device among Evapolar models consumes only 12W
  • Direct your air cooler at you, while the others can enjoy the temperature of their liking, instead of turning on the AC
  • Cool down without the noise! An evaporative air cooler by Evapolar is very quiet so that you can focus without any distractions

If you want to supplement your evaporative air conditioner with an air cooler, you can absolutely do so! As we said, there is no point in running them simultaneously, but a device like Evapolar will be a perfect replacement for air-con.

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  1. Can you use a swamp cooler and ac at the same time?

From the technical point of view, nothing stops you from plugging two devices and running them simultaneously. However, it will not increase the cooling efficiency because the two devices have different cooling methods and cover different cooling needs.

2. Can I use a swamp cooler and an air conditioner at the same time but in different rooms?

Absolutely, yes. We recommend using a swamp cooler with air conditioning in a different room to avoid installing an AC unit in every room. Especially if the room where you'll be using the swamp cooler is a space where you don't spend much time and only need cooling for short periods.

3. If I use a swamp cooler and AC together, will it impact my electricity bill?

The main impact on your electricity bill will be the air conditioner's power, even if you use both AC and ocean breeze portable air conditioner. Portable air coolers like Evapolar use very little energy that will be next to impossible to notice on your electricity bill.

4. What are the benefits of using air conditioners and swamp coolers like Evapolar devices in the same household?

  • Saving on electricity
  • Cooling down your personal space without bothering others
  • Getting a mild cool breeze without a drastic temperature drop
  • Not installing an air conditioner in all the rooms
  • Evapolar devices are perfect for hot, dry climate

5. In between air conditioners and swamp coolers, which device is more eco-friendly?

Modern cooling options are becoming more and more eco-friendly. However, evaporative air coolers are unbeatable when it comes to nature. First, evaporation is the most natural cooling method. Second, devices like Evapolar use very little energy and can even be powered with a portable battery, making them the most eco-friendly version.