How to make your home eco-friendlier? If there is a question that we have all been asking ourselves this year, it’s “What can we do to actually contribute to the well-being of our planet?”. Especially with all this time we spend working remotely and use all the devices we have!

We don’t know how long it’ll take us to go back to our offices. However, the world has definitely changed. We will be working from home more and more. You have probably already noticed the difference in your electricity bill, as compared to when you weren’t home all day. Imagine the «before and after» for the planet with all the heating, cooling, and cooking devices plugged in all day long!

What we can guarantee is that eco-friendly home products will move towards minimalism, efficiency, and multi-functioning. If you need to organize your workspace at home, you will want to keep it as clean and spacious as you can. The less electricity-consuming devices that take up little space will win over bulky and noisy ones.


Best portable cooling devices

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We have already survived one summer of pandemics and we are all hoping to be sipping rosé with our friends outside in 2022. However, nobody can predict anything at this point. What is sure though, is that summer will bring extreme temperatures, and along will come the need for aircons or fans. Read also about: Arctic air cooler review

The first ones are noisy, hard to install and your electricity bill will take a hit. Also, if you come from a region where it gets too hot only during a few weeks, an air conditioner is an unnecessary, expensive and useless purchase. There are a lot of alternatives to ACs, including the old good fans. The upside is that the fans are more environmentally-friendly. Unfortunately, they are blowing hot air around and can be quite distracting. We find it hard to focus on work when there is something noisy AND moving next to you! Read more about: What’s the Best Fan for Sleeping?

Another issue we are facing with the potential work-at-home-for-we-don’t-know-how-long perspective is our well-being, as simple as that. The government will lessen the restrictions, hopefully. Still, those who live in large cities and small apartments, have not enjoyed the same benefits of the outdoors as before. Lack of fresh air, travel, and access to green spaces is known to negatively affect sleep. Bad recovery makes us lethargic, unfocused, and negative.  There is no space for healthy, energy-efficient work under such conditions. Read also: First Apartment Checklist: How to Move Like an Adult

There are quite a few things we could change to make our homes greener and our lives easier. Let us show you with an example of Evapolar eco-friendly air cooler, how you can fill several eco needs with one deed. Or, in our case — with one device.

The main benefit is that Evapolar devices consume so little energy, you won’t even see it on your electricity bill. You can keep your room as chilled as you like, 24/7, and remove the kilowatts from your thoughts. Also, did you know that working in a cool temperature actually increases your brain’s functioning? That is another lifehack for our small yet powerful eco-friendly air cooler. We might need all that freshness for our brains when we are on yet another conference call! Use the climate-friendly air cooler all you like, without feeling guilty for the atmosphere and the environment.

Speaking of calls and computers, if you add water to your climate-friendly air cooler, it will also work as a humidifier. Trust us, your eyes need it after starting at the screen for hours and hours.

Every single product made by Evapolar is one of the most low-impact and energy-saving devices you will find on the market. It doesn’t exhaust any heat or require freon-like liquids. A little bit of electricity, some water and you are cool to go. Your home and our planet will thank you.


All these benefits come with one beautiful, minimalist device. If you are struggling with making your house or apartment organic yet minimalist, Evapolar can jump in as well! Forget about a bunch of wires for a dozen voluminous devices. Remember how you never figured out how to properly recycle batteries or how the bin for batteries recycling was never available? No more batteries! One stylish eco-friendly air cooler, one USB cord — your place is set for ideal temperature and just the right level of humidity. You can charge it up with a power bank anywhere too.

Have you decided to move to a new place? Does throwing away furniture and tech devices make you feel bad for the planet? It should! Very few places actually recycle them properly.

What you don’t need to worry about with the Evapolar eco-friendly air cooler is that you won’t need to get rid of it. First, you will love it’s efficiency and Earth-friendly side so much, you will never want to say goodbye to it. Second, it is so small that you can even put it into a carry-on, move to a different continent and it won’t even add more than a couple of pounds to your luggage. Thanks to its premium quality fabrication, Evapolar will serve you for a very long time and help reduce the carbon imprint.

When we faced the need to work from home, we also were confronted by the difficulty to differentiate the zones where we work, sleep, and entertain ourselves. It could have messed up our sleeping patterns and affected our recovery. Studies have shown that sleeping in a cool room with the right humidity dramatically increases the depth and quality of your sleep. Please, don’t think about having to invest in an expensive humidifier and an air conditioner! Keep it cool, Evapolar got you covered here as well.

Any Evapolar device will quietly lower the temperature in your room. That is right, you won’t hear a sound. It uses the most natural process — evaporation, which means that not only will your bedroom be chill, it will be as close to natural conditions as possible. Real also: Are Portable Air Conditioners Good for You?

Comfort, silence, perfect temperature, humidity, longevity, ergonomics, style, minimalism, eco-friendliness… Just a few words to describe how this technological wonder can help you move one step closer to making the world a better place.